Saturday, February 16, 2008

post-Valentine's Sweetness

Now that the post-Valentine's sugar buzz
has worn off...Im gonna show off our loot:
This is what my sweet sweetie
got for orchid (I finally figured it out!)
Hopefully I don't kill it, b/c she is so pretty!

And this is what I got for James:

Pan-fried steak-heaven-in-a-skillet
Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Earlier in the day, I debated on actually cooking
steak at home...determined that it might actually cost
just as much to just go out and have someone cook it
FOR ME....ya know? BUT...I didn't want to be out
in the dining-out-mayhem known as Valentine's Day-Eve
so...I bought the steaks, cooked 'em up...
and GLORY GLORY HALLELUJIAH, to my surprise
it was DE-LI-CIOUS! Yum yum....
And I cooked enough to even have leftovers
for lunch tomorrow! Thank you PW!


Kelli said...

Mmmmmm, I'm hungry.

Ashley said...

Yummy, steak!

Missy said...

I seriously almost made this for us for Valentine's Day. But then John got the flu so I decided to wait till he was better to actually enjoy it. Glad to hear it was great. Did you make her mashed potatoes too?

SarahK said...

Yeah, I made the mashed potatoes by her recipe...but left out the garlic b/c I forgot to buy some! They were still REALLY good...I loved that she put cream cheese in it! I hope John feels better!