Friday, February 29, 2008

Binky Bear (poodle)

Well...we have done it.
I am embarrassed to say that yes,
Bella has used a binky (only) when she sleeps
up until today...I did try to wean her last week
but she started to throw such a fit and not sleep
at all, we decided to try an idea that my friend, Krista used.
We took her to the mall tonight, ate fun food, rode the carousel
(the guy even let Aube ride for free, yay)
and then took her to Build-a-Bear.
She picked out her poodle...put the binky inside,
helped to stuff it, wished on the heart, then sewed it up!
Bella and Aube had a blast brushing the doggie,
then Bella picked out a cute ballerina outfit for it.
We just finished putting her to bed, and of course she asks
for her binky, but I figured it wouldn't be an easy road.
But it is something that has to be done...she can't suck
on that thing forever! I'm sure she will get the hang of it.
And I'm thinking that since Aubree doesn't show much
interest in the bink (yay) I'm just gonna cut it out now.
Why set us up for going throught this ordeal again?
I don't think I would change a thing, but...
We live, we learn...and will hopefully be binky free!


Krista said...

Yay!! I hope it goes well for you! Make sure you don't have any other binkys in the house so she can't find one and you aren't tempted to give it to her. We put ALL of Makenna's in her bear. I think she's got like six in there;) I know Bella will do awesome. They know that it is time. It's just a hard habit to break. The first night is hard. Makenna tried to rip open her bear at one point but then we just told her to squeeze her bear whenever she wanted her binky. She would pout but she would squeeze it (there are like three in the foot) and then she'd be ok. Good Luck!!

SarahK said...

Yeah, it stinks that Bella and Aubree have the SAME exact binkies...or did. That is why Im probably not going to give Aube her's anymore, either...just nip the whole thing in the butt. We shall see....we only put one in there tonite, the only one she has been using for the last few months.

Shannon said...

WHat a cute idea! And that is one cute pink poodle! I hope it wokrs well for you! I will tell you the first few night will probably be hard (hopefully not), but I bet it wont take long for her to get used to the fact that the binky is gone!

JennGlamGirl said...

GOOD JOB! Preston was the HUGEST binky baby he named it his GUMMIE! I took my mom's advice and one day when he was about 2 1/2 I told him to follow me. We took a garbage sack and we went around the house and collected all his gummies and he threw them in the garbage and I said no more gummies (I even snipped the tip of one and when he sucked it he had this strange look, mom said "broken gummie") anyhow, I took the garbage bag out to the garbage can and we watched Mr. Garbage man pick them up and eat them all! so they were gone no more. He learned right away that they were gone. He asked for one that night and I told him remember garbage man ate them and took them away. He never asked again! P.S. don't feel bad you do it when your kids are ready! plus my Bella still has to have her bottle for nap time and bed time, I am in trouble.

Kelli said...

Very cute poodle. I hope it goes well; i've heard that technique usually does pretty well.

Caedyn said...

That is such a great idea!! You'll have to let me know how it goes as I'm sure I'll be comming to you for help when we cross that bridge!

Julie said...

Great idea... We have never had a pacifier problem, neither of my boys would take them... BUT Wyatt LOVES his thumb. I am really in trouble because I can't put his thumb in a build-a-bear and sew it up! Ü PARENTING!!!!!!!! UGH! Ü