Sunday, February 24, 2008

A blessing...

We have finally gotten callings after 8 months in this ward!
For the first few we were a bit MIA, every time we went
we would get the "Are you new?" question, or be asked
to introduce our family in Sunday School Ü. No biggie.
But this week, I actually sat down and prayed that Heavenly
Father we see fit to bless us with callings, letting Him know
that at least I was ready to give it 100 %, whatever He
chose for us.
James has been called to serve in the Sunday School
presidency as the 1st counselor. Pretty cool....James does
an awesome job with teaching that class. He will have to keep
up on the lessons, since he will have to sub if teachers
don't show up!
I have been called to serve as the Sharing Time coordinator.
I get to do both Jr and Sr Primary Sharing Time's for the
1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays. How fun!! I think I have been in
charge of maybe 2 Sharing Time's in my calling history...
and it's gonna be a challenge to keep all them cutie's
attention...but I'm excited!!
I'm even more excited that Aubree gets to start nursery
in March! Woohoo....especially since we walked the ENTIRE
church and grounds for an hour today. That chica has
limitless energy!


Ashley said...

Yay, how cool for ya'll! I personally am not ready for a calling yet. But, when my time comes I just wanna be able to attend Sunday School. Believe it or not, our dad was the SS prez back when we were kids!!

Kelli said...

Good for you! Sharing time makes me nervous. I'm in charge in July, and I swear I'm already hyperventilating about it. I know you'll both do a great job.

Krista said...

Yay!! Good for you guys!! I totally got nervous when I had to do my sharing time way back when. I know you guys will do great!!

Julie said...

Can I just say you are NUTS for praying for callings! Ü J/K!

Maybe it's because I have been in Young Women's for the better part of 10 years so I long for the day when I can just SIT in Relief Society and get adult-wife-and-mom-lessons.
When I was pregnant with Wyatt I was Nursery LEADER and they finally released me a month before he was born and told me my new calling would be to just be a mommy to this baby along with Gavin.. YES! I didnt get another calling for a year when we moved here... IT WAS GREAT...however w/ a baby I was usually nursing or out in the hall so I didn't get much of those adult-wife-and-mother lessons then eitherÜ

Shannon said...

I am so excited for you! I completely know how it feels to be in a ward and never get a calling! It makes you feel funny, like why do I even come? Having a calling makes you feel like a true part of the ward and you guys got some good ones! Very exciting!

Caedyn said...
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SarahK said...

Hehe, Julie...I am a little nuts, or maybe just bored :). I understand how you feel about RS, Im sure I'll be saying the same thing in a few months.
I would give my right leg to have a Young Women's calling...the one place I've never served!

John & Janeane said...

Hey Sarah! I'm so proud of you! What a great thing to pray about something and having an answer come so quickly! You guys will be so awesome in those callings! I love primary and sharing times! Challenges and all! Have fun! Love you!

Jenny said...

DAvid started nursery last Sunday and it was AWESOME! You'll be so good at your calling, you're a natural.

SarahK said...

I am SO excited for Aubree to start nursery...oh my!! Just one more month!