Sunday, February 24, 2008

The day is gone.....

Surprisingly, today turned out very well...
Started out with a complication or being in
which my phone was delicately "dropped" and James
clavicle was delicately "broken" (not really, he's just a wus).
Bella got signed up with the FANTASTIC GP Softball Association.
I am way too excited that she will be playing a game called
Blast ball this spring. I have visions of softball greatness
dancing in my head (la la la la la).
After which we were able to eat out FINALLY this week
(you wouldn't think that would be so hard) thank goodness
for tax returns.
THEN I got to work thru the most beautiful day, in which
I was wishing I was outside planting flowers....James did manage to
catch a snake in our dirt-pond-of-a-pool. No worries,
no pythons here, just a little garden snake...
which he let free in the street in
front of the house, where I am sure it then made its way
BACK to the pool/pond. Hopefully we can get the filter fixed
so the pool will be SNAKE FREE this summer (hahahaha,
you don't even know... that pool is so scary, right out of a horror
THEN we got to try out a little GP dive called
Isabella's Pizzeria.....very appropriate, since Isabella
loves Pizza!
THEN after putting the girls to bed....I got to be:
the first time in....awhile.
There is just something to being alone for a moment
even if it is just to go buy eggs and Nestle Drumsticks
(oh and a quick trip to Target), and being able to listen
to "Party Like a Rockstar" so loud that your seat vibrates.
T-t-t-t-totally Dude.........


Ashley said...

Gotta love solo Target trips, even if you're just daydreaming you're rich. Isabellas has been around forever!!

JennGlamGirl said...

Love the day story especially the end... "PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR PARTY LIKE, PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR"! Too funny!

Kelli said...

My phone has been delicately "dropped" many many times. And I laughed so hard when I read that first bit, you don't even know. yay for Bella in Blastball! I"m glad you got in some Target, especially the blasting music in your car part!

Krista said...

Oh man!!! It's so nice to be by ourselves. I got to go to the store last week to get tissues and gatorade for my sick hubby. I left my sleepy baby with him and took off. It felt soooo nice!! That sounded weird. I was so excited to go get tissues and gatorade. How sad;)

Julie said...

Oh yeah.... when I go to the store alone, I even walk through aisles I don't even need like pet food and sometimes more than once to make the trip longer Ü

Shannon said...

On being by yourself: It ROCKS! I love to blast the music and roll down the windows (without having to worry about it being "too windy" in the back!) On the pool/pond: party at Sarah's this summer!

Caedyn said...

So, how exactly did James break his clavicle? From reading this – it sounds like you may have thrown your phone at him? :-)

SarahK said...

hehe...he SAYS its broken, but I have my doubts....but no, the phone broke on the floor....he got smacked in the clavicle, and it wasn't even that hard! I don't know why he's complaining about it!

Julie said...

I don't even know what a clavicle is!

erratic elisa said...

Sorry about the clavicle, did u slap him?! ha, J/K.
Hope to see ya tomorrow! I used to hate to be by myself, I still don't enjoy being home alone as much as running errands alone.
I crave going to the thrift store and to Target alone.

SarahK said...

ooo....I miss going to the Goodwill Superstore in Las Vegas! It was an adventure on 50 cent kids clothes day!

SarahK said...

oh, and the clavicle is the bony part of the top front of your chest, connected to your sternum and the protrudes out (unless your big like