Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Way-back Wednesday

I grew up in a small town in Missouri...
with about 20 of my cousins, give or take.
When we were really young ALL of us lived there,
but of course, thru the years
we have gone our separate ways.
On Saturday nights, the younger ones
would gather at Grandma's house and
play her her massive basement with skates
and dress-up clothes (of which she had the BEST!)
and then line up in sleeping bags in her front
room to spend the night, then go to church
the next was a blast!

All of my cousins are dear to my heart...
but my cousin Andrew is just a year ahead of me.
He was my protector of sorts....he would save me from
old cousin, his brother Edward...
who liked to sit on your chest and do that spit-drippy thing...
where you think he is going to spit, but sucks it right back up?!
We still keep in semi-touch, thru emails and pictures.
My cousins all have beautiful spouses and children...
and if we had all stayed in the same spot,
they would all be running around in too big skates
in Great Grandma's basement, I just know it!
Cheers to the good ole days!


Ashley said...

Those are great pictures! You're childhood looks like a blast! And, can I just say the spit thing is nasty. I gag everytime I see spit on the ground, especially loogies (sp)!!

Kelli said...

I looooove that kissy picture!
And my brothers and Ashley would sit on my chest, pin my arms down with their knees and tickle me until I cried. To this day, tickling is traumatic for me.

SarahK said...

Oh I know! My dad would sit on me and tickle me till I peed my pants! I still have a weak bladder to this day!!! Ü

Shannon said...

I love your pictures! What fun memories you have captured in photos! very sweet!

Krista said...

Can I just say that you look just like your little brother in that temple pic!! Too cute!

Cayden's Mommie said...

OH sarah! Those are great pitures!! Love you!!

Stephanie said...

Oh, the stories I've heard about my dear husband as a child! He really is wonderful (now), and it took me a long time after we were married to realize they were true. Your account reminds me of this:

Check it out - it's hillarious.