Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cutest girls in town

I love to dress my girls alike,
and when Easter season come around...
there are plenty of BEAUTIFUL dresses
to pick from.
Here we are trying to get a good picture,

They look like they are being tortured.
Seriously...give mommy a smile:

Ok, got a semi-smile from Bella.
Daddy comes by and says

Awww...thanks Dad!
Poor Miss Bella, so excited to wear her
"pretty dress"...she was even talking about
it in her sleep last night!

She puts on a good show....even though
she has refused to eat all day and has been
complaining about her ear hurting!
But they sure did steal the show today....


Kelli said...

Ah, they are so cute!!!! I need a girl to dress in Easter dresses. So Bella wasn't hungry today, huh? Did she get her fill in her dreams last night dreaming about Taco Bell?

JennGlamGirl said...

JUST PRECIOUS! love the dresses!

Anonymous said...

She did eat some cereal before she went to bed, so that's good.

Krista said...

Ahh...too funny!! They look beautiful. I love dressing my girls alike. It's too cute

Krista said...
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Julie said...

I match my boys too. Just a right of passage as a parent I think! They look adorable! I love the pink cardigans!

Shannon said...

So pretty! I LOVE those dresses (almost got them too...hehehe). I love matching girlies!

Missy said...

Pink and green, too cute! I loved seeing the primary kids in our ward go up to sing during sacrament and nearly every girl was wearing pink! Exactly how it should be! ;)

Jenny said...

JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS! They look beautiful.