Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Keep on eye on that gal.....

As some of you know, I work a really late schedule.
I get off work on most of my days at 4am...
and the only reason I can do this
is b/c my girls are really good sleepers.
Maybe you could say I've "trained" them...
but if you've met my girls, they don't seem to
be the trainable type...I think they are just like
their mommy and daddy...they like to sleep!
There are some days, most days, where they will
wake up before me...Aubree usually will cry and wake me
but Bella on the other hand will use what is around
her to amuse herself...she knows momma doesn't
like to be woke up from her dreamland!
This is what I woke up to today:

a whole box of tissues!
I found out tonite, that James passed up an
even better photo-op (thank you for not waking her)
But I guess she had been up around 4:30 and he gave
her all this to play with in her random wakefulness.
And when he woke up later to get ready
she had covered herself and surrounded
herself with the tissues.
I can only imagine!!!

This is something else she did
when left to her own amusement....
Tissues are FINE...but coloring on furniture
and in real books (sorry Kelli)
is SUCH a No-No!!

Thank goodness for Magic Eraser.


Shannon said...

OH! Yes, my kids (mostly B) have taken to writing on things that they aren't supposed too! I keep telling them that is a HUGE NO NO! So that magic eraser things works? And yes, you are very, very, VERY lucky that your babes will sleep for you!

Stephanie said...

My mom has a motto that I love: WHEN YOUR KIDS ARE LITTLE YOU HAVE LITTLE PROBLEMS. WHEN THEY ARE BIG YOU HAVE BIG PROBLEMS. My kids aren't too big but Elizabeth gave me a big problem yesterday. You can read about it on my blog. I would have GLADLY traded places with you yesterday. :P

Julie said...

I can't live w/out the magic eraser. However after Wyatt has colored in our window sills numerous times, the magic eraser takes the paint off too!

JennGlamGirl said...

Been there done that! here's one for you.... how about coming home to your inlaws were your living for awhile. Your mother in law standing next to you and finding the entire house, walls, tile floor, carpets, and the 2 year old covered in Shark Blue Crayola marker! it took 3 days to clean! but it all came out!!! and we will never leave the grandkids with grandpa Larsen again!

Ashley said...

It could have been worse, my kids would have grabbed that tube of Chaptick and smeared it somewhere! I have my kids trained to sleep in too! Sometimes they sleep later than me!

Krista said...

Ahh, kids are so creative at this age (with the tissues). It's amazing what they come up with. I'm loving the binky poodle in her bed. I keep forgetting to ask you if it was a good transition.

Kelli said...

That tissue thing is hilarious. And please, I totally am fine about the book. That's like having "special toys" that you can't play with. Crayon in a book are like its badge of honor. Sorry about your bookshelf, though!

Kelli said...

I mean crayon marks. I know my English...