Monday, March 3, 2008

From a much sunnier day....

Bella and I took a few days last week,
when the sun was out and shining,
to work on my "flower beds."
I have GREAT plans for these flower beds,
I just hope I can pull it off, I was not
blessed with a green thumb.
Bella LOVES the chance to be outside
and especially to be a "helper."
On this particular day, I needed
her help in watering...
But what makes me giggle is one
of the conversations we had:
Bella: Mommy, I helper
Me: Yes, you are!
Couple minutes later...
Bella: Mommy look!
Me: giggle giggle giggle

Bella's Chocolate Milk
There's enough to go around!


Jenny said...

Don't you just love "help?" Seriously, though, I've heard that if you get your kid to help you in grow veggies in the garden, they're more likely to eat them! I love gardening, and I can't wait for spring!

SarahK said...

oooo...what a cool idea! that is one of my goals, to have a good garden, but we shall see!

Shannon said...

That is too sweet! I love that you are able to teach her to love to be outside and work in the garden so young!

Julie said...

Now that we are away from that crappy "soil" in vegas, I am so looking forward to a garden too! How sweet did Bella look with the hose, what a GREAT helper!