Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Bellanguage

Prayers last night:

Me: Heavenly Father,
Bella: Heavenly Father, thank you for soup.
Me: Thank you for this day
Bella: Thank you for soup.
Me: Thank you for mommy and daddy
Bella: Thank you for cake
Me: Thank you for church
Bella: Thank you for church (Yay! we got one!)
Me: Thank you for Grammy and Papa
Bella: Thank you for soup, Papa, Gammy
Me: Thank you for Gramma and Grampa
Bella: Thank you for Bubba
Me: Thank you for our blessing.
Bella: Thank you for soup.
Me: Help us to sleep good
Bella: Soup.
Me: Help us to be safe.
Bella: Cake
Me: In the name of Jesus Christ,
Bella: AMEN!

It gets frustrating b/c how can you NOT LAUGH when your child says she is thankful for soup???


Anonymous said...


SarahK said...

exaaaaaaaactly...so THAT is where she got it from, huh?!

Julie said...

Well soup is pretty good Ü
How cute! My Wyatt in his prayers says "thankful for Chocolate milk" and I have to say, chocolate milk is pretty good too! Hey at least they are saying their prayers right? I am sure HF is smiling too Ü

Anonymous said...

Actually, I got it from her. It really is a handy word.

Caedyn said...

Soup is pretty darn important! Being thankful for toilet paper was one of my favorites in my childhood prayers. It’s those simple things that are pretty important. I think Bella is a genius!

Shannon said...

I love at the end, where she didn't even say thank you for anymore, just the basics! Soup. Cake. So cute!

Krista said...

Too cute!!

Jenny said...

I'm laughing my rear off right now. Hey, Bella's already composing her own prayers, right? So they seem to encompass a lot of soup thankfulness and desire, big deal. I'm a big soup fan myself. Maybe I need to thank Heavenly Father next time I pray.

Kelli said...

Okay, that is really cute. I love just the simple, "Cake" at the end.

Ashley said...

That must be some good soup! Homemade or what? Maybe I need the recipe!! She's very sweet!

Cayden's Mommie said...

Holy crap she's so cute!! I'd be cracking up!!