Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lovin' my toesies

Yes, that is a picture of my toe Ü
I got to have some "me time" today
which was fabulous.
But not before some drama with the car.
I went out to my car to head to Target
and get a pedi...what do I get?
Same thing as before, dead.
So...we jump the car, it starts up just fine.
Then the great debate:
Do I go ahead and go on my errand
when I KNOW the car will die?
Thank goodness the nail place is right
next to Target! Ü
I'm so glad I went, cause they have the best
massage chairs...and the nail chicky spoke
decent English and gave me some CUTE flowers!
Of course, when I went out to my car afterwards...
you guessed it....dead.
So, my knight in shining armor came and rescued me.
The car is now at the mechanics and hopefully
they will have more answers tomorrow!
Can anyone say, New Car?


Shannon said...

Ooo! Pretty flowers! I need me another pedicure, especially after this last week! LOL. family in town is ca-razy!

Caedyn said...

So – that’s one short toenail. You can’t tell me they cut it that short. You’re a toenail biter too, aren’t you?!

SarahK said...

hahaha!! You WISH someone shared your fetish, don't you! LOL, jk...but biting...Im a toenail TEARER! If they get too long, they get frayed or torn, so I TEAR them off! just straight across usually...but I do get alot of ingrown toenails that way! TMI, I know!

JennGlamGirl said...

I am getting ready to do my toes and I will post a pic. I love painted toes and sandals for spring and summer. Sorry about the car but who cares your toes look cute! lol

erratic elisa said...

hey sarah! I like your toes!
I'm sorry about your grandpa and I'm glad you're into volleyball. (I haven't been on the internet in a few days.) I hope all goes well with the possibility of a new car!

Jenny said...

YOUR TOES ARE TOO CUTE! I need a pedi...(sigh). Sorry about the car, that stinks!

Ashley said...

You poor thing, I sure a new car is in your future...! Your toes do look really cute!

Kelli said...

NEW CAR! The goes look good!

Kelli said...

Um, I mean the toes.