Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Way-back Wednesday

I'm re-posting a picture from earlier
that I posted with the news about my
Grandpa....but this is from when I
was maybe 8 or 9?? I dunno...maybe earlier
than that b/c I was in 2nd grade.
Anyways....I was climbing the tree in
the backyard and was up in the top-ish
part, when I noticed a branch hanging
down that was 1/2 broken and looked like
fun to swing on! So...I did....and I fell...
breaking my arm....
Grandpa is also known as Dr. John...
he is an MD, and was our family Dr growing up.
I remember the day he took this cast off
b/c I was SO GLAD to be free of the itch
and smell that cast's give you!!
And in true 80's fashion...I am wearing
silver pants... Ü.


Cayden's Mommie said...

Aww.. :) You were so cute in those silver pants.. I've seen many pictures.. :)

Kelli said...

Oooooh, silver pants. Very cool. How nice to have such good pictures with your grandpa. (That comes across so sarcastic, but I mean it.)

SarahK said...

Actually...I have been having diffiuclty finding more with him actually LOOKING at the camera! I starting to remember just how busy he was!

Missy said...

Ha! Showing Texas some love there. Sweet. How awesome to have your grandpa as your doctor, though! 'll post pics of my cast in the near future of when I broke my arm! Stupid monkey bars...