Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The second day...

On Saturday morning, as I we were getting
ready for the funeral...I sent
James to get Houchin's doughnuts...
after missing out on Lambert's the night before,
I was determined to get some "authentic"
Sikeston food....we even had Dexter BBQ for lunch.
Of course, they don't take credit cards Ü.
Aube sure enjoyed the donut....
She didn't eat it, just slobbered on it, then
spread it all over the hotel room Ü.

My Father and my beautiful
Grandma Edna

Emmalee and me,
and what's this? Emmalee and Momma

After the dinner had been cleaned up,
the GAZILLION great-grandchildren
had full rein of the gym.....
Bella loved to dance with aunt "Cannah"
and had a minor breakdown when "Cannah"
was dancing with someone else!

The dad-supervised slide:

And poor, screaming, nakie Aube
she really did have a rough time.
Hopefully her grandma will forgive herÜ

As I said in a previous post, I didnt
bring my camera to the burial or take
many pictures at the funeral....
I'll be posting more when I get a CD from my dad.


Ashley said...

Ok so Aubree has some seriously squeezable thighs. At what age are fat thighs no longer cute???

Ashley said...

Love that slide!!

SarahK said...

awww...fat thighs are ALWAYS cute in my opinion Ü!

Shannon said...

I was just coming here to say something about those thighs! Ahhhhh! I love me some baby legs, the chubbier and squishier the better!

Krista said...

I can totally chew on baby thighs all day!!Ü

John & Janeane said...

Grandma LOVES both Bella and Aubree, even though Aubree wouldn't have anything to do with Grandma! I know that will change as she grows older, or when I come out to visit this spring!! :) Still workin' on that! Do you have more pics you can send me for the JP Sargent Funeral CD? Thanks!!