Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Way-back Wednesday

This weekend I got alot of
"Oh Sarah, your kids are just beautiful"
"That Aubree is just a little mini-Sarah"
So...I dedicate this post to my girls...
with some pictures that I think are
"the spitting images"
of their momma....poor kids Ü
Bella on the left, Aube on the right
I had a conversation with my mother
during a tantrum that Aube was throwing...
I mentioned that after having kids of my own
and going thru their craziness....that I wondered
how crazy I had driven her.
And you want to know what her reply to me
was, that wonderful mother of mine,
"Oh Sarah, you were a truly wonderful child."
I think she kids....
Mostly because I look at some of these pictures
and the look on my face, or the destruction in the room
around me tells the tale!
And also because my Momma is the one that told
me that childbirth is easy! Ü
Love ya, Moms *kiss*kiss*

AND...I have also decided to include
James in my Way-back Wednesdays
from now on....
Mainly b/c he ticked me off today Ü


Kelli said...

Ah, but if he ticked you off, you should have found one much more embarrassing! Your girls do look exactly like you, especially Aubree.

SarahK said...

No worries, there are plenty worse to come....

SarahK said...

BUT, because he stayed home last night so I could shop for an Easter dress....I will keep them relatively tame Ü..I'm not as mean as some!

Anonymous said...

Just remember not to dish out more than you can take...there are only a few pictures that would make me have to kill you if you posted. Other than that, I'm just a little heartbreaker.

Caedyn said...

I have to admit – James was pretty cute. (What happened?)

John & Janeane said...

Now did I actually SAY childbirth was EASY?