Monday, April 21, 2008

Come on people....let's get it right!

Having the last name that we do
we constantly get misspellings and mispronuciations.
ie Kichman, Kirchman, Kirman.
At the doctor's office I got "Hurkman."
And my personal favorite:
and now this...Hickman.
Come on people!
And this last one is totally ridiculous
b/c it was a PRESCRIPTION
paid for thru our insurance!
If they don't have the right name
how are they gonna get paid?!
James is honest...and made sure they changed it.
I seriously don't mind it...I automatically spell
the name now to save the trouble.
Maybe my next husband will be a "Smith" or "Brown"
just kidding James...


Julie said...

That is hilarious! When people mispronounce your name you just want to shake them. Especially when it's so far from what it actually is.

Julie said...
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Kelli said...

I don't think your last name is all that hard. People are so lazy, and don't even want to try to figure things out.

Shannon said...

Ugg! I hated having a hard last name, I can't believe how badly the messed up on that one, at least they got her first name right!

Cheree said...

That’s funny “Hickman”. Maybe they heard about you guys getting chickens! (j/k) :-)

SarahK said...

Oh yeah...update on the "chickens"....James is upset, but YES! It's against city code to have them....AND...the next door neighbor said when our previous owners DID have them, they caused big problems w/ rats and PHEW. The IDEA of getting chickens is one thing...making Sarah care for them is another!

KELLY said...

I hate mispronunciations too!!! At my college graduation, they said "Kelly Marks Lard"!!! Lard??? It's Laird, but for some reason, everyone ignores that "i". So, I gave Mizzou well over 20,000 dollars for a diploma just to be called Lard in front of thousands of people!!! I feel you!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, the 80 year old woman said so, so it must be true...actually sarah, it's not against city code to have chickens (although we're not allowed to have roosters). The coop has to be 150 feet from our neighbor's house, so that might be what the problem is. I don't know how far away her house is from the chicken coop. We definitely need a fence in our yard that you can't see through.

Krista said...

How funny! We still have people from our ward say my name wrong. I correct them cause it bugs the crap out of me. How hard is it people!! Man, Hickman is not even close!

Jenny said...


SarahK said...

Yes...Kirchnana was from the Dry Cleaners on Green Oaks across from our old apartments!!!

Ashley said...

Ok, so my street is called Amerifax and the Walgreens by us typed it Imercruz.... I was like huh? It is a hard word, but not that hard!!