Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stolen goods

My friend Shannon, stole this list from I have stolen it from her Ü. Which means, of course you are welcome to steal it from me!

Finish the sentence:
Maybe I should lose some weight!
I love when moments happen that make me smile and be grateful for what I have been given.
People would say that I’m way too nice (except James)!
I don’t understand why I spend so much money constantly.
When I wake up in the morning I always go back to sleep for "5 more midgets."
I lost my marbles a long time ago! Has anyone seen them?
Life is full of ups and downs, but SMILING get's me thru them both.
My past is full of significant events that have made me who I am!
I get annoyed when people complain. It won't kill you to just suck it up and make the best out of what you've been given.
Parties are fun to plan and even more fun to attend! I would love to host a party for every little holiday!!
I wish I could get my yard finished soon so it can be enjoyed this summer!
Dogs are cute and fluffy...hopefully we will get one someday!
Cats are amusing, they are in their own little worlds.
Tomorrow I'm taking Bella to Speech and Aubree on a walk!
I have low tolerance for car rides, I get motion sickness very easily.
I’m totally terrified of losing a child!
I wonder why I am always late, I hate being late with a passion....but can STILL never get anywhere on time!
Never in my life have I been arrested, thank goodness.
High school was full of fun and friends! I have some very good memories!
When I’m nervous I stutter and lose my place in my thoughts! I start talking gibberish.
One time at a family gathering I ran over my mom's dog. I was actually on my way to my parent's house, and the dog ran in front of my car. Needless to say, that dog is STILL scared of me!
Take my advice: Breathe, life isn't meant for worrying, but for living and you can't LIVE! if your worrying!
Making my bed happens every day now! Unlike when I was a kid (sorry Mom!)
I'm always ready for a good book, with a good plot, surprising twist and fulfilling ending!
I’m addicted to Dr keeps me from passing out into a sleep-coma! Sweet Nectar of Life!
I want someone to give me a million dollars!


Shannon said...

Very good list, I love things like this b/c it is so fun to see how other people feel!