Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Love Letter: 43 months

Darling Bella,

You are 43 months old today! I wanted to take this time to do a couple of things....I want to let you know how much I love you and I want to tell you how proud I am of the progress you have been making in all aspects of your life.

I really don't know if words can really express my love for you. You truly are a magnificent child. I watch you on a daily basis, you are quick to love and smile. Quick to be crazy and carefree. And yes, quick to be stubborn and mischievous, that is for sure! Your Daddy says you get your temperament from your Mother. I have to agree and apologize for passing that down to you! But later in life, I hope this stubbornness pays off!
I love when you go to Aubree when she is crying and say "I love Aube." She follows your example in everything you do....hopefully one day you will realize what an important part you play in her life.

Speech therapy is coming to an end...only 4 more weeks of the school year left. I am ecstatic about the progress you have made. Miss Lester has worked with you on colors, animals, getting you to tell her whats happening in a story and working with the phrase "I want..." Doesn't seem like alot, but when I hear you say "I want a snack" something so simple, I am over-joyed! You can have whatever you want when you ask for it in a SENTENCE! I even love to hear you boss Aube around in sentences!

You have become obsessed with bugs. I guess this didn't JUST happen...you have always had an interest. But since the termite fiasco, you like to point out every bug you see...sometimes getting down on your hands and knee's to inspect the creature. I need to invest in a magnifying glass so you can get an even closer view.

Your first Blast Ball game was this month, and what a sight you are on that field...when you stay on the field! They seem to think you are a lefty, by the way you hold your bat...you can knock it a good distance, then skip down to the base...a hilarious sight. This summer I want to sign you up for these Dance Parties they are having at a dance studio around the corner. From the pictures on the website, they dress you up and have a theme for each one...it looks like a blast. And this fall, I plan to sign you up in their dance class...where you'll be able to learn ballet and tap. I'm excited about the ballet part, since you dance around like the 12 Dancing Princesses whenever music is played! I think you will have fun!

Thank you for being such a big helper! Your role in our family is truly divine, and I'm thankful to be able to see that, even at such a young age!