Saturday, April 5, 2008


It seems as if ear infections are
all the rage this year...
On Monday we went to the doctor
to have her check Bella for allergies...she had
been getting really stuffy and sniffly at night
for about a month now, and here & there
she had been complaining about an earache.
After a quick check-up, it was concluded
that Bella did have ear infection....
The doctor quickly prescribed the antibiotic,
Amoxicillin, which just happened to do this
to my dear Bella in November 2005:

A tub full of oatmeal to fight off the itchies:

So....of course, I was a bit wary when she handed
me the prescription paper.
But I guess, this reaction she had in '05 was just
an "irritation rash" and that if she happens to start
getting hives, the stop the treatment immediately.
So far, so crazy rash after a week.


Krista said...

Ahhh!! I remember that....poor baby!! I hope she stays clear of the itchies this time. Why didn't they prescribe something else??? There is always something different that they can give. I'm allergic to penicillin so they just give me amoxicillin. I wouldn't want to risk that happening again!! I hope her ear feels better soon. That's no fun;(

Ashley said...

Oh man! That picture of Bella in the tub reminds me of when Hunter had chicken pox. Apparently if a kid has the chicken pox shot, other kids around them can catch it... who knew? Anyway, Hunter would sit in the tub for hours and stir the Aveeno with a ladle. Right now over here Hayden has strep and Chan has an ear infection. Fun stuff!

Shannon said...

Oh that picture of her in the tub! Those eyes, gorgeous! And I am so surprised that they prescribed something that gave her a rash before, good thing she isn't rashing now! I hope she feels better soon.

Cheree said...

Oh no!!! Poor baby! I hope she has better luck with the stuff this time. And those mean old ear infections – why do they have to be so persistent? Don’t they know no one likes them?!

Julie said...

Gavin was given amoxicillin at about 3 and he broke out into horrible hives as well! Crazy stuff! But once I tell any Dr. that, they prescribes something else. I hope that she doesn't break out again! Good Luck!

JennGlamGirl said...

Not fun, to see your little ones like that! sure hope it doesn't happen again! my back and arms looked just like that a year ago when I believe I ate bluberries still haven't figured it out. Benadryl (? spelling) saved the day!