Friday, April 25, 2008

The week in review

This has been a pretty interesting week, to say the least...alot going on both good and bad! The girls started off the week by giving me no personal space of mine own, such a kind, kind gift! This is them RIGHT next to mommy while she does her hair!

Monday night Bella had her second Blast Ball game of the season, which was alot of fun...James only had to chase her out of the outfield once and only once did I have to chase her as she ran totally OFF the field! It's all good...we did get some pretty good video of her batting as a lefty.
Tuesday seemed to start out a pretty good day, until I come back into the living room with Bella talking all about "bugs" find my tile covered in small little ant-looking creatures. I was totally horrified, especially since I was expecting Kelli and her boys to come over! But, Kelli being the trooper that she is Ü helped me squish bugs, figure out that yes, they ARE termites, and finally figure out that they were dropping from the ceiling. On suggestion of my exterminator, Million-dollar Phil...we taped up the cracks in the ceiling to back them up. That night, someone came out and assessed the situation, measured the house and wrote up a bid for us....we scheduled for Phil to come and do the treatment for Thursday.
Wednesday was a pretty laid-back day...I got alot of yard work done:

I'm trying to clear away all the brush from around my now blue semi-clear pool (yay for no more green pond thanks to James' hard work!) so that I can landscape and get some cool stuff going on there. I had entertained the idea of hiring a landscaper, but then the termites decided to make their entrance and eat my money! But it is slow going, tedious yard work...hopefully I can find a tiller or something to help it along!
Thursday Phil came and drilled about 8 holes in my floor, down into the foundation...and then in the ground all the way around the house, too. The concrete holes are a bit unappealing, but I'll take a bit of cracked tiles and holes over termites any day. Phil actually told me that people get really upset w/ these tiny holes....I guess I understand...wait, no I don't.
And a picture of the taped ceiling/wall/overhang for kicks, looks quite ghetto-fabulous.

night was supposed to be Bella's second Blast Ball game this week, but we get to the ball fields and it's the girls got lucky and we all got ice cream from Sonic!
Aube makes this hilarious scrunched-up-nose face, which I can never seem to catch...and Bella wanted to show off her cute 'funny' face, too!

TGIF...Friday finally came! And we had a nice treat of Jenny and the boyz coming over to play. They gave us several photo opportunities...but this one was the most hilarious! The little musical genius' were going to town!

I guess the week isn't over...but hopefully Saturday will be enjoyable....James has some great plans to play capture the squirrel tomorrow! **Crossing fingers**


Shannon said...

Wow! What a week! I am so glad the termites weren't half way through eating your house!

Stephanie said...

You might check into your insurance policy on those fun termites!

SarahK said...

ooo...coming from the wife of an insurance guru...Im just gonna have to take that advice!! Ü

Krista said...

Goodness sakes kiddo!! I hope your insurance covers your yucky bugs;) It sounds like you have had some crazy weather lately too by what they are saying on the news. Has it been close to you guys?

SarahK said...

Oh..yeah, i guess I could have talked about that. We have a strong storm come thru once a week for the last month! But we are safe and sound...just a little wind and hail!
Our first spring here was "mild" they say...this is more like it...for Texas.

JennGlamGirl said...

I am so sorry about the termites but atleast you discovered that, that is what they were... good luck with it all, and if things are ghetto fabulous for awhile its worth it in the end. You seem to be very positive about it so thats good. GOOD LUCK!

Julie said...

You made my week seem like a day at Disney land! Thank you Sarah!

J/K Ü I hope those termites get out of there quickly, that could have been a serious issue!

Missy said...

I so got the heebie jeebies from this post! I HATE bugs!! And termites?! That's even worse! Hopefully they haven't done much damage. And that you can get rid of them soon!

I think I feel something crawling on me, aahh!

Kelli said...

Okay, that piano picture is totally priceless. Taping up the ceiling was actually kind of fun. Let's just hope Aubree doesn't have permanent nightmares about bugs falling in her hair!

Janeane Jones Sargent said...

So did the treatment work? I've been thinking about you so much this week!

Cheree said...

Yuck! I don’t like bugs either! (Except maybe rolly-pollies, those bugs are kinda fun.)
What do termites look like anyway? Are they like blank ants? You’ve got me wondering if our recent invasion at our place is termites too. YUCK!!