Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bag lady.

My little Bag Lady....Bella found this bag of mine
and hasn't let go of it since. She fills it with all her goodies,
wandering around the house.
I thought it was too cute to not capture.
I tried to get a sneak peek into what she was
carrying around....lo and behold...SWIMMING STUFF.
Her fave thing to do!!


Jennifer said...

What a cute little girl. Definitely takes after her mom. Speaking of bags, I found that tan bag you lent to me forever ago! (Is lent the right word?)

SarahK said...

LOL...I want that back! HAHA

Shannon said...

I love childhood hoarding, that is so cute! And she takes after her Momma with great taste in purses! :D

Jenny said...

ooooo, she's gonna be a swim baby just like I was. Love those water babies!

Hustead's said...

How cute. My boys do the same thing. Except their bags are pirates and cars Ü But there is no other way to carry all of their treasures Ü