Wednesday, May 21, 2008, because Aube has a very big dislike
for the pool (and baths, go figure)
James had the idea to get her a little sprinkler
to play in while Bella swims.

Better than having her wander around and
around the pool getting all red-faced!

What's funny is that when I first hooked it up
today...the girls had NO IDEA what to do.
They just stood there...
So, because I'm the rad mother that I am Ü
I showed them how it's done...I ran
straight thru and showed them it was FUN.

They followed....
and of course, had a blast!
And I got yard work win.


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! Now you got Aube dressed like FOOD?!?! You really want me to gobble her up don't you?? They are so sweet, and sprinklers are the best!

Anonymous said...

Poor Bella has bites all over her.

Kelli said...

My kids are having a blast in the sprinkler, too. The girls are so cute. And bad mosquitos!