Monday, May 19, 2008

Christmas in May!

My ward's Relief Society had a Super Saturday
...and even though I only got 4 hours of sleep, I went!
And it was a blast, and the crafts were way cute!

I'm so excited to have more cute Christmas decorations!


Shannon said...

Oh wow! Those are so cute! I have seen those glass block "presents" before, and the look so pretty under the tree with lights and all. And the Nativity is of course precious!

Julie said...

That glass block "believe" is beautiful!

Ashley said...

Fun stuff! We are doing swap and shop on Friday where you bring your junk and take all you want or need, can't wait! Plus we are also doing a movie on the lawn at church, The Other Side of Heaven, as soon as it gets dark! I have just now started getting back into the activities and enrichment nights, they have been fun!