Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Fine Day


This week we had some days with some FABULOUS weather. I let the girls play in front while I weeded. We bought Bella a T-ball stand and bat to "practice" a little. She loves it, as you can tell! She loves to boss Aube around but is also sweet to her, letting her have turns w/ the bat!
I'm so thankful for those beautiful, cool, breezy two days before the heat of summer hits us!


Shannon said...

Way to go Bella! She does so great :) and what a fun way to spend some time outside!

Kelli said...

The weather WAS nice, but then today 96 degrees!! Ahhh, I'm not looking forward to this summer.

Jenny said...

Good swing on that girl!

Ashley said...

Cute!! And yes I am thankful for the breezes, soon we will be begging for them!