Friday, May 2, 2008

Clearer shade of blue

Yes, people...the picture below has NOT been touched up,
it IS a blue pool (a BIG thanks to Scuba Steve), we finally have
A BLUE and clear POOL!!!!! It took long enough..
we got "professional help"...hehe, finally, right?
James was doing an awesome job...but there's only so
much you can do with 1/2 hour here and there.

To get the pool "in shape" to me doesn't just include
the clear water....I've wanted to and am in the process of
clearing out everything around it. I've shared with you
pictures along the way....And I'm getting SO close!

With a little help from my princess worker.
(In a skirt, with a shovel, no less!)
She kept stealing my I invested in one
just for her...saves me some chasing time!

I like to post this picture every once in awhile...
just so I can SEE the difference I am making.
This was taken right after we bought the house...
which was amazingly a year ago this month!

One of my main causes for distress this week has been
this dumb much there is to do, how
much it's gonna cost me to get it where I want it
to be, and how much I just want a YARD that my
kids can play in and be safe in!

Step by step I'm making progress, I'm really wanting to
do Desert Landscaping around the pool to reduce
water usage and also to help reduce mosquitos
since we will be swimming alot at night when Daddy
gets home. I just want to get it DONE, so I can
relax and enjoy something for once...I feel like I
haven't stopped in the year we've been in this house...


Hustead's said...

Good for you! Pools are never ending work! My mom was the one who did the pool at my parents house, then when she passed, my Dad was clueless, so we got a real fast introduction when we moved here. Once you get the chlorine levels right, the PH is off! Or then it rains and starts to turn green AHHHH! It probably is a lot easier hiring someone. And you enjoy it more I am sure. Have tons of fun this summer!

Shannon said...

Well, in any case it looks wonderful and you are doing such a great job!

Christina said...

SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!! Bella looks like a little fish! Aube cracks me up! Your yard is lookin' great! You have done so much work on your home and yard! It looks fantastic!

Kelli said...

It's so good it's all getting done. Let us know if you need any more help, we're glad to.

Jenny said...

great idea to do desert landscaping to cut back on water and mosquitoes! I'd never thought about it, but what a smart thing to do!

Anonymous said...

I think we should set fire to the backyard.