Saturday, May 3, 2008

Swimming suit season.....

Since the pool is blue and clearer than clear...
we decided it was time to take the girls out
and let them swim!
It's been over a Bella was kind
of confused as to how to wear the floaties!

The water was a bit too CHILLY for the

After a few moments, recovering from
her earlier confusion....Bella was once
again magically turned back into her former

Aube...not so much a fan of the water!
We think she might do better when Mommy
and Daddy venture in, too!

Too cute...Bella was begging her
to come in and play!

But once she did.....she wasn't too happy about it!


Shannon said...

I love how comfortable the girls (at least Bella!) are in the water. That makes it so much cooler that you have your OWN pool!

Hustead's said...

Those are some pretty FABULOUS Mermaids! Your yard is looking GREAT by the way! It does seem like NEVER ending work though, I'd have to agree. I am holding off on a garden because of that...someday though.

Krista said...

That looks so much fun!!

Kelli said...

They are so cute, and the pool looks great. Aubree's ultra floaty bathing suit is hilarious.

SarahK said...

OOO...yes, those suits are THE best...Bella has one on, too! Aubree's is actually Bella's...truly fantastic

Jenny said...

POOL PARTY TIME! (jk) Seriously, though, your pool looks great and once again I am JEALOUS!

Cheree said...

Your girls are too adorable!
Does “Scuba Steve” work on pools “professionally” (like the motors and stuff)? If so, I might like to pass his info on to my mom!