Monday, May 5, 2008

A day late, a dollar short.....whats new?

Excuses, excuses...good thing my dad has a good sense of humor Ü.
I did CALL him on his birthday, sent him a gift
he probably got 2 days late....
But I neglected to do my honorary
"Happy Birthday" post! You know life
wouldn't be complete without getting a
Happy Birthday from me on my blog! Yup.
Happy Birthday, old man!
I hope your Birthday brought you smiles, fun
and un-burned steaks.

Thank you for being the greatest dad,
you truly make us proud!
We may make fun, we may make jokes....
but without you, our lives would not be complete!

Thank you for teaching us as we grew...
Being there when we cried....
cheering for us when we won or lost.

I'm thankful that you and mom were able to
be sealed for Time and all Eternity...that b/c
you love the Gospel and its teaching, we can
be a family forever!
Thank you for your example in love.
You love your wife with all your heart,
it shows in your daily life....
I'm very lucky to have parents with
such a love and friendship!

Thank you for being a wonderful Grandpa!
Bella, Aubree, Cayden and all those to come are
lucky to have such an influence in their life!


Cheree said...

Your dad and I must share the same birthday! (May 4?)

SarahK said...

May 3rd was his...and WHAT?! Your birthday has come and gone and we missed it!?!! I hope you had a GREAT day!