Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Love Story: the Finale

Engagements seem to never think your wedding day will NEVER.GET.HERE. But...then one day you have 2 weeks to go and you're stressed and cutting all your hair off Ü! Those two weeks fly by with Mom and Bride putting the finishing touches on everything, making sure everything is rented or bought. Mom and Bride going toe to toe...the mother/daughter bond being stretched to its limits. I never realized how much my mom did for me...and probably still don't, not until helping plan Bella' Wedding. I look back at the pictures at how lovely everything looked and I must stop and say.....THANK YOU MOM, it could have never been so wonderful without you. wake up and it's THE DAY. Oh this day that is dreamed about as a little girl...this day that is anticipated and planned for years and years even before the boy has been met. The day where you and your eternal companion will be sealed for time and all eternity.

I woke up early, unable to sleep with the butterflies dancing in my tummy. Make-up on and perfect, hair done and sprayed.

Our wedding took place on Friday, June 1st at 11am, at the Las Vegas Temple. By the time we arrived, the temperature was climbing up and past 100 degrees....the hot, dry wind slightly blowing. The temple is a wonderful place, just stepping on the grounds can calm your's on the edge of the mountain, higher up than the rest of the can look out and see the entire valley, a feeling of floating or being raised up above it all resonates through the soul, which is as it should be.

Our ceremony was performed by Brother Alger, a long-time family friend. He spoke of the eternal bond and covenant we were making, the ways to keep our family on the right path and to always love the person across the altar.
Sealed for Time and all Eternity....looking in the mirrors that represent eternity...
Matthew 16:19
And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Mark 10:9
What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

We walk out of the temple, to be with family and friends mirroring our joy in their smiles...sweating in the summer heat!

That night, we celebrated at a reception....a Luau! The gym of a church building was lovingly decorated in all things Paradise. Our friends, the Lacy's, a Samoan family, donated authentic decorations and had an awesome surprise for us! A BAND with a hula dancer!
We danced, at good food and yummy cake...we're toasted by my Pop Pop Jones....and danced some more, barefoot and doing the Electric Slide! I still remember what fun we had!! I got to dance with my dad to the traditional, "Butterfly Kisses"...James and his mom were supposed to dance to "You are my Sunshine" though it ended up being miscommunicated into "You are the Sunshine of my life" by Stevie Wonder. So the tears of the give-away dances were soften a bit in the silliness of James and his mom fast-dancing was perfect. James and I danced our first dance was either "Home to You" by John Michael Montgomery or "Best Friend" by Tim McGraw...remember the debate?

We then rode off into the night in a Limo...with a driver complaining about all the birdseed that had been chucked into it (thank you Grandpa Sargent, we love you!)

This is the end of the beginning....


Shannon said...

sniffle...sniffle...snooork...sniff...what a sweet story!

Janeane Jones Sargent said...

Oops! Sorry I went to correct my previous comment, and ended up deleting it! :) ANYWAY... I wanted to tell you how much I admire your ability to write!! Wow!! Have you ever thought of writing books? novels? WOW! Reading your post have brought such warm feelings to my little heart! Great memories! Beautiful bride and groom! Beautiful, beautiful day!! Thank you!

SarahK said...

Aww, geez mom! You're so sweet! I actually DO have a dream of writing a book one day...then being able to write TONS, so I can support our family and James and I can sit around and play video games all day! That would be so rad. Ask James, but I have seriously been looking for something to write about...the 'perfect' plot for years now...the closest I ever got was writing a "Memoir" about massaging at a spa on the Las Vegas strip...stories to tell!
But...yeah, maybe one day.

Julie said...

Aww! Love the wedding pictures. How fun having your reception be a luau!!

Jenny said...

That is such a sweet story, and what a tribute! I bet James got all gushy inside reading it and said to himself "Awwww, shucks." And seriously, how fun to have a luau reception!

Hustead said...

Gosh, that doesn't seem like 7 years ago. We were at your guys' reception, very festive Ü I can remember Gareth walking in with a plunger on top of our gift, because he thought it was so funny. Little Gavin was only 2 weeks old. Where does the time go? What a great story, I have enjoyed reading it and I agree with your Mom on the writing thing. You are very talented.

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a sweet story!! It was so fun being newleyweds with you guys. We would have been stuck hanging out with you know who!!! We love you guys!!!
And that book on the spa would be so funny. I'm sure we could sit down and recall tons of stories to put in it;)

Anonymous said...

Was it rice or was it birdseed? I think I still have some in my eye.

And I still don't see what the problem was with putting a plunger on our gift registry. Who doesn't need a plunger? If we hadn't put it on there, we might have gotten 36 plungers because the registry couldn't tell everyone that the Husteads had already bought one.

I wonder if the plunger we have right now is the same one we got for our wedding??

Sarah, you should write a book about your attempt to write a book.

Hustead said...

You are very right, everyone needs a plunger. We thought putting the plunger on the list was funny and Gareth just thought it was hilarious and it was a "must give" wedding present for you guys Ü