Sunday, June 1, 2008


....I love you.....

...not more than I did before and not the same as I did in the beginning. The love has grown and deepened to the point where I could not be separated from it. The love has strengthened to the point where silly fights and disagreements can be looked over and forgotten. The love has changed over the days to a comfortable place where I feel at home.
You have been the strength I've prayed for, the happiness I dreamed about, the caring man I need, the sadness that passes, the fights that come and go, the craziness we call life, the laughter that is constantly with us and the LOVE I carry with me always.

Thank you for these past 7 years....our ups and downs have made us who we are. I hope we can always remember the beginning and that the ending years are full of happiness, love and posterity to make us smile.