Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

The girls were uber-excited for Christmas morning to come. This is such a fun age, they finally REALIZE what's going on...and the excitement...oh my!! They were just itching to run down and see what Santa had left. Grammy had to keep them at by while Papa went and checked on everything downstairs. (I love that little tradition. Growing up, my parents would cover the entrance into the family room....and dad would go down to check everything out, or in other words...set up the camera!)
I absolutely LOOOOVE this picture...I can hear her excitement just by looking at it.

A FULL princess set from Grammy and Papa. We seem to go thru princess' like candy! :) We've left our fair share at stores, restaurants, church...she was SO happy to get these!
One of the gifts we gave to Mom & Dad was a Cancun picture book...all the pictures we took in Cancun all put together into a hardback book. Another gift for Mom was a necklace made out of a peso. And then I made Dad a frame with his Priesthood Line of Authority (which I plan to do a tutorial on...such a great Father's Day gift idea!).
This was a gift from Uncle Topher....and the dog is HILARIOUS! He plays a song and scoots around in a circle. Totally looks like he's rubbing his butt on the carpet!! lolol.
James and his big ole pants...for some reason this was hilarious. I promise they are his size....err....they just LOOK big! They look good with his Laker shirt I got him...which he'll be wearing to the Laker game in February!! yay!
And of course, a day wouldn't be a day without at least one fit from Aube. Ü That-a-girl...way to not let us down! lol.
And the hit of the morning...yes...a last minute gift picked up by Santa. But the funnest one to put together. The McDonalds cash register came with Happy Meal boxes, french fry containers and Avatar toys (for some reason my girls are in love with Avatar!). So fun! This toy has been played with everyday since Christmas....guess it was a good buy Ü.Bella and Gramma Carols.
Gramma made Bella and Aube these sweet little baby blankets that are just too darling!
Those blankets wrap up precious babies!
And of snowed....and snowed. But it made for a BEAUTIFUL white Christmas!
It was the best kind of snow to make a snowman, too. So James, Topher and Bella went out to build one.

Bella got a few good snowballs in, proud of that girl! Ü

Frosty, the Oreo cookie snowman.
For Christmas dinner, we were lucky enough to be able to spend time with the Cathcart family. They helped us enjoy dad's famous prime rib! yum! After which, we sat and played some fun new games!
I'm learning now that some of Santa's gifts weren't well thought out. He brought the girls some roller skates...which have images of busted heads and ER's swimming in my head! lol. Whoops.
They got to play with them for a little while....with help. The boys were all playing Wii Resort and whoever lost got to be the escort, lol!
Aube getting some tips from Sharron....point those toes!
And black was the color of the evening! And this wasn't coordinated AT ALL....promise! :) Such a cute bunch of ladies...I just love them all so much!
It was a very, merry Christmas! We haven't had a Christmas at the Kirchmann home since James and my first Christmas was such a joy sharing in their traditions and having so much fun with them!


Krista said...

Looks like a great Christmas!! Love the pictures!! And how fun to have a white Christmas:)

Kristy said...

I love the pics! You REALLY had a white Christmas. I will be keeping my eye open for the tutorial on the Priesthood line of authority thingy!