Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday & Wednesday

So, first thing Monday...Bella asks me "Can we play in the snow?" I had held her at bay all day Sunday and had no reason to say no. So, we bundled up and out we went! There wasn't any wind, so it was cold...but not unbearable.'s warming to see your kids so excited about we do what we gotta do!

Bella was SO EXCITED to be playing in the snow. Seriously...she just went tromping out and around....even though the snow went up to her knees in some places.
Aube followed her sisters example and made a snow angel. And then..."I can't like the snow" and she went inside to watch a movie. James came out and threw a few snowballs at us Ü ...then watched from a window as I pummeled Bella with snowballs.
Doesn't she just look at home in all that snow? And so happy, too!

On Wednesday, we piled in to our van and headed to Downtown Minneapolis to Macy's to see "A Day in the Life of an Elf". And when I say piled, I mean PILED! Poor Mommalove had to sit on the floor. She didn't mind, though...she got to lean back and let Bella play with her hair.
The line was quite long, but it was worth the wait!

So excited!!

For some reason, Aube decided to stick her tongue out everytime a picture was taken of her. Don't know quite why ... but as I've gone thru these pictures, I see it ALOT! She was doing it so much last week that I had to start telling her I'd cut it off cause 'tongues don't belong outside our mouths, now do they?'
They had all different sections portrayed....Elf sleep quarters, an Elf kitchen and dining room...lots of cute stuff like that. My favorite part was the caroling trees. When they were done with their song...they gave a "bough" Ü.

At the end of the exhibit, they had a little table and some paper where you could write your letters to Santa. And even a little mailbox to put the letters in! I asked Bella what she asked Santa for and she tells me "Penzel doll" which I finally find out is NOT a Pencil Doll..but yet a RAPUNZEL barbie doll...and eek...don't think Santa put that on his sleigh!

We then went and made a visit to Santa...the girls refused to sit on his lap, but they did enjoy chatting with him a bit.
Then they zonked out on the ride to Chili's for lunch. Don't blame them, I almost curled up and slept, too! It was a fun-filled day!