Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saturday - Sunday

So, we started our trip on Friday afternoon...and drove up past Kansas City, stopping to sleep in Liberty. We got up bright and early-ish Saturday morning and kept on driving. Well, James drove, I yapped...and slept...and climbed around the van, tangling myself into a pretzel.

We got into Minnesota a little before dinner...unpacked and then headed out to a birthday celebration for Gramma Carols (the name Bella and Aube gave her...better than Gramma Grey Hairs) and myself. We chose Red Lobster...so of course, on a Saturday night, the wait was a good hour. I let Bella and Aube play with my camera...and they got some good shots!
Poor lobsters!
Poor Aube...so whiney and tired and grumpy. I don't blame her...locked in a car for 16 hours. But really, she's probably just mad that Bella has the camera and she doesn't.
James: "Dad, you are so hilarious" Dad: "I know, I know. I get it from my son."
She CAN smile every once in awhile :).
We bring out the best in each other!

When we finally got to sit down! The birthday girls (and little girls) put on party hats!After playing with the party favors Ü for just a bit....Bella finally had to have it removed from her possession.
It was a long day! The girls sacked out so hard they didn't even mind touching each other (you know how it goes...put them in the same bed and it's 'she's pulling my hair' or 'she's touching me' or 'she's jabbing me in the eye' lol)We were able to attend Grammy & Papa's ward on Sunday. The girls were bathed and dressed in their Christmas Sunday best....right down to their sparkly shoes! They enjoyed church...it was nice to be able to "pass" them off in Sacrament meeting Ü. It was Aube's last time in Nursery! I can't believe she will be a Sunbeam just next week.
And....for some reason they feel the need to pose in every picture now. They take one good one...then BAM...strike a pose!
After dinner, Bella helped Grammy make sugar cookies. That girls loves to bake and she's pretty good at it too...
...especially if she gets to lick the beater!
After the baking, comes the decorating...James was SO THRILLED to help us frost a gazillion cookies. But his were the prettiest!

Yes...I'm eating that cookie in my hand. What?! I think I ate 1/2 the batch!

After decorating cookies, we topped off our sugar high with some hot chocolate. Gramma Carols snuck Bella some extra marshmallows. And like the kind big brother he is...James 'helped' Topher with his homework.
Aube spent some time with Papa...cause she just "can't like it" when it comes to cookies or hot chocolate...yes, I sometimes wonder what is wrong with my child Ü.
And there ya go...2 days down, 6 to go!


Julie said...

How Fun! I love their Christmas dresses, they look so pretty and proud ;)

Jennifer said...

Awww. you're so frickin fashionable.. it makes me sick ;) hehe.. jk! (and when will there be a belly shot?)

But it looks like you guys have so much fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

There are some good pictures in there of you and of the girls.

Kristy Pool said...

Looks like so much fun! I love Aube's t-shirt in that last picture. Guess there won't be any more XTO shirts for us...

Jenni said...

I love their dresses. I miss Ash being that young, although she never would have let me dress her up all cute like that. The one time that I remember insisting that she wear a dress, she fought me (literally) and cried for an hour after I wrestled her into it.

Valerie said...

Your girls look so cute in their dresses. Sounds like you guys had a fun, snowy Christmas. Have a great new year!!

Krista said...

How do you look so beautiful after being in a car all day long??? Love Red Lobster...yum!! And the pics with the girls in their dresses are adorable!! James looks thrilled to be having his pic taken:)

Cheree said...

I love your trip posts!!! And the girls’ poses are just too cute. You’re gonna have your hands full(er) :)
And – no – you’re not allowed to move!!