Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Crafts

Please excuse the ginormous pictures....blogger wouldn't upload my I had to go with Photobucket and they are just gihugic! But I've always wanted to know how to get my pictures I do! yikes!

So...this year for Christmas we were on a strapped budget than I made up some gifts for family. Of course, sometimes making gifts is just as expensive as buying toys or gift cards or what not...but I truly believe it's the THOUGHT that counts...and I put a lot of love into these gifts.

One of the first things I did this year was create 2009 scrapbooks for the grandparents. Each one had a section for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall...we did a lot this year, so it was easy to separate the events into each section. I really want to do more scrapbooking this year, especially after doing these...I love looking back at how my girls have grown! For the 'older' nephew and niece....I made quiet bags for church. This was something I wanted to do LAST year, but never got around to it....I'm so glad I was able to do it this year.
I also made tie shirts for two of them, which I think are just completely adorable! Cayden has even been sporting his already this year!
I told Kari and Matt like 6 months ago I would make them a "TAKE YOUR FLIPPING SHOES OFF" sign, to help them save their brand new light-colored shoes off. Of course, in true Sarah-fashion, I procrastinated and finally made it as a Christmas gift! But, it wasn't exactly what I was planning...but I think it turned out cute, none-the-less.
I found these 8x10 plastic frames at Walmart...the kind with the magnets on the back to stick it to the fridge. I was thinking that it might work well on the front door, if you have a metal door (at least I hope so, eek!). And in the frame part, I put several sheets of different scrapbook paper, for all the different seasons.
For Rylee, I did the same as for Cayden and made her a church quiet bag. I wanted to make her an 'R' shirt but the stinkin' Heat-n-Bond wouldn't keep the R on the shirt, so...I'm gonna have to figure that out and make it for when she comes to visit next month! yay! I also included in each bag a Gospel ABC book , which are really nice to have to look at during Sacrament Mtg. And also these Lacing and Tracing deals...those will keep kids quiet for WHILE! lol. And then you can string Fruit Loops on them for even more fun!
For my mom, I made her a Button Pillow cover. I drove up to Ikea, which was the only place I knew of that had pillow covers (of course, it turns out that Hobby Lobby has them, not so long of a drive...but I'll just keep telling myself that Ikea has better quality!) can get them 2/$8! Then I printed off an 'S' transfer and bought a bag of buttons...and sewed, sewed, sewed!
If I ever do this again, I'm going to GLUE the buttons first, THEN sew, which I recently saw on another tutorial...which is super smart...even though I had a TON of fun sewing on each itty, bitty button!! I can't wait to do one for our couch!

And there you go...I forgot to take pictures of the name thing I did for my dad and the Priesthood Line of Authority I did for James' dad. And the Cancun peso necklaces! Whoops! Oh well...they were all pretty Ü.

Crafting just gets into my blood's so addictive! I love making stuff for people, it makes me happy to see something I've made make someone happy. I have to keep remembering that happiness when I get negative comments about the effort I put into stuff...I have to remember that it's WORTH it to me to put forth the effort and create!


Bell Family Blog said...

So darn cute! I love the button pillow, I am definitely gonna make me one of those! You're a lucky person if you get one of Miss Sarah's gifts. :)

Krista said...

I love all the gifts you make. Your family is lucky to get things like this!! I need to find out how to do those ABC books for church!! We need them:) Who gives you negative comments??? I will go beat them up for you because that is just silly!

Sarah Smiles said...

Click on Gospel ABC Book and it will take you right to the site where you print it out! Easy, cheesy.

Lois Brown said...

All great ideas and they turned out wonderful!!!! I hope noone gives you negative comments, how could they--- they are all fabulous!

Cheree said...

Negative comments? Craziness!!! This stuff is all so cute. I love the button pillow - I'm gonna have to copy that at some point.

And the applique! I made something similar for your baby boy - so my only dissapointment is that you won't be surprised. But - I did it before I knew you did it (if that counts for anything). I hope you like it!! :)

Speaking of baby boy - nailed down a name yet? Or are you one of those people who wait until birth to announce?

Cheree said...

Oh - and I like big pictures!!

Shannon said...

LOVE that tie shirt, too cute! And the button pillow is out of control awesome!

I think it's nice to have crafts that you can do to keep your hands busy! I love to craft when watching my evening TV or while Keith plays video games. It's really easy to find the time to do it all if you WANT to have the time to do it all! And nothing is better than seeing a smile on someones face after they have opened or seen something you created just for them! ;)

Jennifer said...

No negative comments from us!! :) Cayden LOVES his shirt!!! And all the magnets and the lacing and tracing stuff he's already teaching himself how to do it.. hehe :) You're so Crafty Sarah!! ;)

Anonymous said...
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Jenni said...

So cute and makes me want to be all more creative, but then I realize I don't have time for anything. (including cleaning recently!)

Colton Anne said...

So are always very impressive in all your craftiness...I was also goign to ask about what you put in your Gospel ABC book, but I saw a comment earlier on it! Love them all!