Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to make a blog banner/header using Picassa!

Before work swapped out my computer, I had this lovely program called Photoshop Elements. It was bliss. I could create digital scrapbook pages, headers, random things for Primary. BUT...since the program was kindly 'gifted' to me and not actually MINE, I wasn't able to put it on my new computer. It was a sad, sad day that I had to delete that program and I've dreamed about getting a new one (only like $75ish at Costco, not too shabby, but who has an extra $75, ya know?) but no such luck.

So, can you just imagine my excitement when I came across a tutorial by Clover Lane on creating a Blog Banner from Picassa. Because if there is one thing I LOVE to do it's change my blog header around! And I seriously made that header up there in like 15's not perfect, but it was my first go-around at it and I think it looks pretty cool! Clover Lane does a header for each month, using pictures from that month or the month before, which is such a cool idea. And then maybe coming up with an idea to store the headers and print them out...a pretty neat way to see how our family grows!

Anyways...Picassa is FREE...and her tutorial is super easy...she even gives as list of blogs that have used this tutorial at the bottom, if you need ideas!!


craftyashley said...

That header is soooo adorable! Good work!

Kristy said...

I will definitely need to look into that. Can you do scrapbook pages with it? I thought I would try my hand at digital sb, so I downloaded a free program called gimp. It is pretty tricky though.

Sarah Smiles said...

In her tutorial, she talks about about uploading scrapbook paper to use in the headers, so I would think you might be able to do digital scrapbooking...not 100% tho on that :).