Monday, January 25, 2010

Little things...

I have several websites and blogs that I pull ideas from. I'm SO thankful for these blogs...I think the people that come up with stuff to help with Sharing Times, Primary ideas, etc...are just angels! I seriously would be lacking inspiration (and probably bored without a project) without these lovely's one of the reasons, too, that I love the blog-o-sphere. I don't know any of these crafty chicks personally and without their blogs I would probably never come across them in my lifetime. They make their wonderful ideas so readily available, I wish I DID know them so I could give them a hug and thank them!

So, over on Beehive Messages....she posted about an idea for a Relief Society "Getting to Know You" activity (which sounds way cool, by the way). They played a bunch of getting to know you games...and then at the end, the RS President gave them each a notebook and challenged them to "Get to Know" the Savior. I love this challenge! I feel like all the different auxillaries are giving us such a chance this year to step up and REALLY get to know our Savior. And to get to know Him through the power of the scriptures. President Monson said:
I know from personal experience, the spiritual power that can flow into your life if you follow this practice (scripture study). You will feel the love of God and a cleansing, purifying regeneration of your spirit. You will experience moments of revelation, when the Spirit whispers to your spirit to be a better father, a better mother, a better son or daughter, a better disciple of Jesus Christ.”

So, here is my version of the notebook. The scripture reading schedule started the week of January 17th...and ends the week of Easter (perfect, no?). Which also happens to be the week of Jaxson's birth... couldn't think of a better way to bring a new spirit into the world than to do everything I can to become a better mother.
On the inside of the notebook, I pasted the scripture schedule and a list of questions to ponder.

You take the scripture and read it the whole week...then switch to a new one each Sunday. Ponder what the scriptures means to you.
12 Week Scripture Reading Schedule…

January 17-23 Helaman 5:12
January 24-30 St. John 14:23-27
Jan 31-Feb 6 3 Nephi 13:14-21
February 7-13 Alma 5:14-16
Feb 14-20 Proverbs 31:30-31
Feb 21-27 D & C 8:2-3 & 9:7-9
Feb 28-Mar 6 Moroni 10:18-23
March 7-13 Matthew 7:7-8
March 14-20 D & C 6:14-16
March 21-27 D & C 88:118-119
Mar 28-Apr 3 Revelations 7:15-17
April 4-8 Mosiah 4:9-12

Onto another idea....I came across this one on Usually we give out pencils and stickers in Primary for birthdays...but I wanted to do something else this year. And this picture block was just perfect! It's like a 2x4 or maybe a 3x4 with a passalong picture of Christ on it. The kids seems to love them so far.

I added the Articles of Faith to the back....just as a little nudge and reminder. Ü

See? All these little projects I have to do. Like I really HAVE to do them....but they clog up my mind until I get them done!


Julie said...

So you came up with a name? Jaxson? Love it and Jax for short I love too. Not that you have to call him that--I just love it ;)

We're excited for you.

Cheree said...

You are so crafty! And I too love the name Jaxson - very cool. :)

Kristy said...

I love the name! Those are such great ideas. I have been thinking that I really need to get myself on a regular scripture study pattern. I am so hit or miss right now.

Krista said...

Nice way to slide the name out there! I didn't know that you had settled on it for sure:) Love it, love it, love it!!! What's the middle name? And love all your crafts....but you already know that:)

Sarah Smiles said...

I was trying it on for size ;). We like the nickname Jax, too! Middle name is still undecided. Thinking Merlin...possibly Rhys (Reece)...but don't know! Plus, it could all change next month!! lol

Jenni said...

Love the name and seeing all your crafty projects come to life.

Anonymous said...

didn't know "we" had decided on a name.

Jenny said...

Wow, I LOVE Jaxson Rhys! That sounds so awesome! And I love Jax for a nickname! Jax and Jake! They just sound like best friends. ;)

Sarah Smiles said...

Thus the meaning of "trying it on for size" Anonymous...

Anonymous said...

I can just look at the tag and know if it fits...wait, what are we talking about?

Sarah Smiles said...

Quit making this baby naming thing so hard!