Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Magical Baby Shower Ü

I consider myself a lucky girl with this's been relatively easy, all I really have to do is fight some fatigue here and there...and I am getting two baby showers! Party time. Ü My sisters-in-law and mother-in-law came into town Valentines weekend to throw me a "Magical" shower for my ward family (later in March, a couple of friends are throwing a shower for my bloggity and work friends). It was so fun to have them all in town! The weekend was snowy, cold and filled with people losing power. We were lucky enough to keep our power and have a generous friend give us a ton of wood to keep us warm, which was such a blessing since we keep our house pretty cold due to our defunct heater.
My family did such a great job on the was a "Magical" theme...since we are using Merlin for his middle name!
They had the cutest idea of having pixi stick "wands" as the favor.
I took Bella with me...she is the sort that would sit and chill and not have to be entertained (unlike her younger counter-part) was nice to have her there to enjoy the {CAKE} fun.
My "Sword in the Stone" diaper cake. Very cute idea.
They put some fun games together to play. One being helping James and I come up with names that spelled something with the initials...these ladies were very creative with that...of course, as it ends up, the name we chose doesn't spell a thing! (Or I think we've chosen it...I dunno...picking a name is way too hard!)
My favorite game was this race to drink a bottle of orange juice. Talk about hilarious and DIFFICULT. I was mean and 'somehow' Bella ended up with a bottle to drink...I thought she'd win since she was probably the one in the room who had most recently used a bottle! But she got way embarassed and I ended up trying to win...and ummm...I have no idea how babies suck out of those's HARD! Poor kid.
Another good thing about having Bella there...she helped me open presents. I love to open presents, but you have to admit...its a little hard being in the lime-light like that, and for some reason my face turns BRIGHT RED very quickly with this pregnancy. So, Bella being there took some of that attention off me, thank goodness. We got some really cute gifts for this Baby Boy...I was excited to get the pack-n-play I'd registered for. A friend of mine got it awhile back for her new baby and I'd been drooling over the cute brown and blue owls ever since!
I had such a blast with these ladies! Good food, good friends, good fun, Costco cake....can't get any better than that!!


Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun! ;) Wish I could have been there.. And costco cake? Yum ;) You know I love it! hehe.. and you and bella look gorgeous! :) So cute how she was a big helper! Love ya!

Lois Brown said...

How lovely! I'm glad you had a great time and a good turn out even with our uncharacteristic weather here in Texas!!! You look great by the way! pregnancy agrees with you!

Krista said...

Looks so fun!! I wish I could have been there:) I looooove your shirt!!

Janeane said...

Looks like so much fun! What great in-laws you have... makes life so much nicer (I have great in-laws too)... an extension of more family, right? Great creative ideas! Love the sword-in-the-stone diaper cake! Wish I could have been there, but I WILL be there in just about a month! Yeah! Can't wait to meet this baby boy!!

Julie said...

How fun Sarah! You look great by the way. Good luck just about a month to go! Welcome to the world of Blue ;)