Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting back to it....

I've been quite the blog slacker lately....sheesh...never thought I'd say that, huh? And it's not like I don't have anything to talk about...I uploaded pictures for all my different posts I want to do and there are like 5 waiting now! I better get busy Ü.

Busy is the word of the hour....These past 2-3 weeks have been jam-packed, which I'm totally cool with. Every day has been planned out in order to get everything in that I wanted to get in. I've basically gotten myself to the point that if I don't step inside a Target (GASP) for a month, I think I'll be ok! (James has probably fallen on the floor in shock at this statement) Mainly, it's the whole money thing...tomorrow night is my last night of work until the end of June, and even with a little bit of short term disability, it's gonna be a bit of a lifestyle change for us I guess I'm just trying to build myself up for that!

One of the totally cool things that has happened in the last 2 weeks was a baby shower thrown by my good friends Ashley, Lois and Cheree. They threw a movie-themed shower....they know me all too well!! Complete with popcorn and movie-theater style food...I was in heaven!!
The pictures are slightly fuzzy...blogger doesn't like to enlarge pictures I download from other people (bleh)...but I absolutely loved this clothesline...the onesie on the far right says "Im the next Edward Cullen" OH MY GOSH...just too cute!

Ashley came up with some fantastic non-baby-shower-esque games, but still baby-themed! One was matching the celebrity babies with the celebrity families. Am I the only person who didn't know that the Dugar's named all their kids with a 'J'?? lol. Another game was unscrambling the movie title...each had to do with babies. So much fun, and so not the regular type of game Ü!
It was so nice to be able to sit and chat with the ladies that came! Most of these ladies I keep in contact mainly thru blogging or it's always nice to see them face to face for a little chitchat catchup.

I got some fantastic handmade goods! A few weeks ago, Cheree stopped by our house and brought me some applique onesies and burpcloths. This boy is going to be stylin' Ü. Thank goodness for onesie's, too...after today's jump in temperature just to the mid-80s, I remember now how hot and icky Texas summers are!

I also received some cute hand-knitted baby hats from Julie, she sells her good in her Etsy shop. I can't wait to take pictures of this boy in his very own bear hat. She also made me a hand-knitted rattle...which I have never even heard of before, but it's too cool!!

Shannon, who also happens to have an Etsy shop (can you see how I am shamelessly putting these plugs in for these uber-talented ladies?? Check out Shannon's Activity Mats...too cute!). She made baby boy the cutest play mat...I'm so excited to see him rolling around on it! She also included a cute tie onesie with matching shorts.

Handmade gifts make me smile!!!
My work ladies...well, Shannon doesn't work with us anymore...she's the lucky one ;). Kim keeps me sane on most nights...letting me countdown to the end of work to her...41 minutes...15 minutes....THREE MINUTES!
And of course there are these ladies...supportive and loving and they accept me for who I am! I've been very blessed in the friend department here in Texas. I've had my ups and downs, but I know there are ladies out there that I can count on for anything! I appreciate them so much!
Lois and Julie's sweet baby...I got to hold him for a bit and was in love! He's a sweet little thing. I can't wait to meet my sweet baby in just a few short days!
Thank you ladies!!! It was a fantastic party and I appreciate the effort and love that went into it. I love spending time with you all and consider myself lucky to call you friends!!


Janeane said...

Oh how FUN!! You are so lucky to have such great friends, and such creative friends!! Wow!!

Shannon said...

My head is huge...ack!

Anywho, I am glad you had fun! I had fun too, it was a really nice afternoon. And thanks for the shameless plug ;) I can't wait to see your little man in that onesie and those stinkin shorts!

Carol said...

What a clever idea for a shower! Looks like you have some really cute and talented friends.

Krista said...

I love that shower idea and I love that Cullen onesie!! Did they make it? I just might have to do that:-)

Jenni said...

I wish I could have been there and that I didn't already have plans. Love ya!

Lois Brown said...

It was too fun to be with you again once every 18! next party/movie/dinner whatever it turns out to be that we are at again, I'll but holding YOUR little boy! Too fun! Something to look forward to! Love ya, Lois

Julie said...

The party was lots of fun! And thanks for the shameless plug!!

Anonymous said...

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Cheree said...

I didn't help host (tried to - but didn't). . . :)

It was so much fun seeing you - always is. I'll be stalking you waiting for you to be ready for someone to steal that boy from you (for short periods of time anyway). Can't wait!!!