Sunday, March 28, 2010

Singing for Easter...

Today was our Easter program at church. We sang a Cantata titled, This Garden is a Healing Place and it was absolutely beautiful. We've been quite busy over the last few weeks preparing and helping the choir director out. We have one of those choirs where people show up the day of the performance and sing with a "what page are we singing". Ü So, the choir director put together a quartet consisting of herself, myself, James and a bass....we went thru the whole program a few times, learned the hard spots and tricky parts, and then passed our knowledge down to the other members of the choir. This experience definitely taught me that no matter how much I love to sing...I'm a choir singer...not a soloist! lol. I just break down and cry if I sing by myself! Even if I keep telling myself "dont think about the words!" Cry baby, cry!

I love the Easter season...I love the hope and opportunity it can bring into our lives. I love that this Easter we get to spend the day watching General Conference and having the true and living prophet speak to us!

And look...someone video-taped one of our songs today...

Oh wait...that's not us, silly me. But we sounded JUST like that Ü!



Jenni said...

I bet it was just as lovely.

Janeane said...

I just love choir!!! I'll bet your Easter program was beautiful! I would like to get a copy of it, or find out where you got it, for future reference. And yes, our ward is the same way... show up the day of the performance and expect to know the music! Some people can pull it off, but a choir is a group effort, and there's joy in the practicing as well, right?

Our stake choir and orchestra presentation on Joseph Smith last week was so wonderful! I wish everyone could have heard it! It's scarey that as a choir director, I started getting all choked up at the very beginning because the spirit was so strong! Music can bring such strength into our lives and our testimonies!

Only five more days till I leave for Dallas!! (well, not counting today, right?) Love you!!!

Sarah Smiles said...

I meant to ask you about your program!! I've been bragging about you, Mom...doing the stake choir and with an orchestra, too! I bet it was so THAT is something I wish I could have on tape!!
I will get you a copy of the music, it was really pretty and the narration was beautiful.