Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jaxson Merlin Kirchmann

Took me long enough...but without further ado (adieu??)...

Our beautiful son was born at 1:20pm
weighing in at a hefty 7lbs 10oz
and measuring 20in long.
It was a fabulous labor, if you can believe it....even with my epidural only working on one side. I'm going to get around to jotting down the birth story soon, tho I should probably write Aube's down first! Whoops.
My nurse was a saint and the doctor was encouraging. And we even got out of the hospital in 24 hours!
He came out nice and alert. We got to sit and stare at each other for awhile before they took him for his bath in the nursery. Total "oh heeeeeyyyy...i know you" moment.
He slept for most of the rest of our first day together, which meant staying up for most of our first night together. And all nights after that. Ü Gotta love a newborn with days and nights mixed up. But it's funny, cause he's just following my work schedule. I can't get away from it!
Such a good baby...even thru all the tiny obstacles mommy has been encountering!

Going home from the hospital. 24 hours old.


Christina said...

He is one handsome cuss Sarah! Good job! You and James make some cuties!!! Enjoy your BOY!!!!

Jennifer said...

I cannot believe how adorable he is and that he is actually here!!! It is awesome! Jaxson is absolutely gorgeous!! OH man is he cute!!

Em and I discovered who he looks like the most - Carl! But also he is a good mixture of Bella and Aube.. He's just adorable!

Bell Family Blog said...

I am so glad I got to meet him today, he is so beautiful!! Im sorry I was in and out, I didn't want to stay too long, but I would love to come visit and help you out with pictures when you're more rested. And you are welcome to borrow the camera for the day whenever you are ready to do some pics, I should have just left it with you. Well Anyways let me know, I can show you how to use it :)

Krista said...

He is absolutely handsome!! I'm so glad you had a good labor and can't wait to hear about it. Wish I could be there to hold him. Love ya!

Lois Brown said...

He is so beautiful!!! Congratulations! He definately looks like your family!!!! Love it. Love you!

Jenni said...

Oh yeah! Congrats and good luck getting that sleep schedule straightened out.

Amy said...

He is definitely a keeper! Huge congrats and I hope everything goes well with baby!

Julie said...

Ado (adieu would be goodbye) ;)
He's beautiful. I LOVE the picture of him looking up at you.

fritopi said...

oh my, he's adorable! congrats! :)