Saturday, June 12, 2010

Creative suggestions for Father's Day

If you are like me...coming up with a Father's Day gift is uber-hard! For my husband...for my dad...and Grandpa's (tho sadly this is the first Father's Day I won't be making anything for my PopPop :( I miss him!) I don't know what it is. Mom's are easy to shop for...they don't mind the sentimental gifts! I could make my mom a scrapbook every year and she'd be happy as ever. I've made/given James a scrapbook before and it just doesn't feel as exciting as if I got him a new golf club or a new shirt. But you can only buy a fella so many shirts and ties! And, of course, money doesn't always allow big expensive gifts...
So you have to get creative!!

One idea I came the Friend, of all this mini-tie keychain.
(Ok, I can't lie...James saw this idea sacrament mtg he and Bella were flipping thru the Friend and he passed it to me and said I needed to make it...nice, huh? DO IT.)
We went and picked up some 99 cent ties from the thrift store....and my lucky day, they were 50% I got them for like 49 cents! lol. Can't beat that.
And yes...that's a cow tie...I thought it would be cuter...but they're all upside down! is how you do it
(please forgive the horrendous directions and just look at the pictures!):
Get the small bottom part of the time and slip it thru the keyring.
Bring it down and a bit to the right.
And then flip it across the front....
Then bring it around the left side of the keyring, and in thru the back....tuck the end thru the back of the keychain...and then down thru the little loop.
Pull that small end thru and tight....I had to go and adjust the length a few times before I got it perfect.
You'll cut the rest of the tie off in the back.
To keep it together...especially if you have a silk tie...I added some glue to the back.
Before you add the glue, you'll want to make sure you can move the keyring back and forth.
So there you go! You could also use the same concept and glue a magnet to the back? I dunno...I have a secret magnet obsession (you'll see later...can't post it just yet b/c it's for my dad and I want him to be surprised! Cause I just KNOW he sits around reading my blog everyday...haha! That and I forgot to take a picture of it....and there are already enough pictures on this post!! )
Other ideas!
We did this for James' birthday, but it would work wonderfully for Father's Day, too. Fill it with candy if you have a sweet-toothed sweetie....or sunflower seeds and pistachios!

It's very easy to put together...all you need is:
clear bottles, preferably in a holder (that way you can dress it up!)
scrapbook paper
candy or munchie of your choice
See....easy peasy!
We added a front little pocket, hold a gift card. Makes the gift twice as sweet!

Hand-printed ties!
We did this last year for Father's Day for my dad, James' dad and my PopPop.
It was a big hit!

For this you'll need:
Ties! (we got ours from the thrift store, of course....they have very "colorful" selections)
Acrylic paint mixed with textile medium (tho just plain acrylic will work, it won't wash off)

And I absolutely LOVED the poem that wentt along with it, so we are using it this year for the bookmark ties we did in Primary for Father's day. (Bookmark ties...courtesy of JAMES, yet again...I asked him what would he want to get from his kiddos that could be made in Primary...and he suggested a bookmark tie...crafty wife is rubbing off onto crafty husband Ü)
Good luck creating something fabulous for those men that make your life just a little sweeter!


Bell Family Blog said...

No way! I made the same tie key ring for Aaron too! I was even excited to tell you about it, but was waiting to blog about it after fathers day hehe. I was so excited when I saw that idea in the friend, I sure hope Aaron will like it and not be upset that I cut up one of his ties (I used one of his old missionary ties that I always thought was ugly and wanted to get rid of....oh well :)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I'm sure he won't mind at all ;). Either that or you can just tell him it's an excuse to get him a new one!! hehe.
I love the Friend...only recently have I been more diligent at reading thru it...and there's some cool stuff in there!! lol

Cheree said...

Hmmm, decisions, decisions. . . . :)