Friday, June 11, 2010


I am absolutely enamored by these stray kittens in my backyard. It's getting pathetic Ü.
I don't even LIKE cats. Seriously. I'm afraid of them and their moodiness and their claws!
But oh my heavens....these little buggars are cute. I truly worry for them, the poor things! Out there in the elements. Although, they don't seem phased...they just play and scamper around back there.
I finally found out where they are coming from after some reconnaissance work. We have this short retaining wall at the back of our property...and then a ditch-like area...then the property line and fence. Just on the other side of that fence is our neighbors shed. As I approached the kittens, slowlyslowlyslowly....they darted off and from what I could see (not much, since as you can see...the backyard is a bit...brushy) they all ran underneath that shed. I've debated going over to that neighbors house to let them know....but it makes me sad to think of someone coming and taking the poor little babies...even tho that would probably be best!
The momma cat still comes and visits least she did yesterday. This is a picture I took thru a window screen (thus the crappy quality)....I didn't want to scare her off!  I watched her for awhile before taking the picture....and the kittens were SO happy to see her, I almost cried! lol. Here she is sitting on them all while they nurse:
This picture is harder to make out, but she's laying on her side with them. I hope she keeps coming back to them! I'm sure its in the nature of the 'feral' cat to not stick around in one place for long.

I'm so obsessed....I'll go out a few times a day to check on them. I've read up about stray kittens and what to website said if they are out and about, they are ok to be away from their mom and can be caught. I don't know if I have the ability to tame them or the husband who will let me Ü, 3 small children might just freak them out more!


Jenny said...

Okay, when we were in Chicago, I found a litter of baby bunnies in our backyard, and I was EQUALLY obsessed. What is it about the very young and helpless that automatically makes you want to care for them? Is it the mother in us, or is it universal? Regardless, I know how you feel. Cute little kitties!

Julie {Coco1981} said...

Such cute little kittens!! I think it's hard to tame a "wild" cat. My sister has one that she caught, and its nice but it's not cuddly. My two current cats were strays that I started taking care of, but they had had contact with people before and were not skittish. (At all). It is hard not to want to take care of them though. I think it must be some sort of mothering instinct.

Cheree said...

kittens are very deceptive. Don't fall for it. :)