Sunday, June 27, 2010

An event in which we get nice and {soggy}...

James got free tickets to Concert in the Gardens at the Botanical Gardens on Friday night. We've wanted to go to one of these events for a long time now, but something was always going on, or he didn't ask for the tickets fast enough. But it finally all worked out and we got to go listen to Star Wars music and see the laser show!

Of course...that's the day it decided to rain and drizzle all even tho the event wasn't cancelled, it was still quite soggy. By the time it actually started, the rain had passed...leaving the night nice and cooled off.
We also got there a bit we sat in the waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. But it was music, so in the long run it didn't really matter.
The music was good...Star Wars is always awesome. :) We're big Skywalker fans in this house. The first half they played music from movies like Superman Returns, Jaws, Harry Potter...then the last half was all Star Wars music. The girls were cracking us up....they could listen to the music and then name what was happening in the movie at that time!
Jaxson slept thru the whole thing....that boy amazes me...he loves being outside!
We were able to have a picnic dinner. The girls had ghetto-ables (homemade lunchables Ü) and were happy to sit and listen...wondering when the movie was going to start...I guess we didn't explain it quite right, haha.
The laser show was pretty cool....but would have been mucho cooler if we had a better view....sans trees.
They had fireworks on the last Star Wars song....
....that the girls hated. Of course.
But it was a fun night, even tho it ended on a semi-complaining note....didn't have the heart to tell them that 4th of July is next weekend! They aren't fans of that holiday! Ü


JanEllenSanders said...

Good luck next weekend! Maybe with it being on a Sunday...the girls can just enjoy it from the neighbors shoot them off! Jax is such a Sargent to your family!