Thursday, June 24, 2010


Something has happened to me lately...well...after child #3 made his debut is when it started happening. I used to make sure the girls ALWAYS matched, their clothes, their shoes, their hair accessories. I used to be a bit OCD about the little things, like Bella's hair and picking up after the girls...and maybe I still am (or just on Sundays Ü). But lately...none of that really matters...I figure I get points if we all survive the day! Plus, I'd rather sew or glue or stitch something than clean the bathroom!'s not surprising that I walk outside to check on the girls and find this:
Having a nice little conversation with each other...sharing a bottle of a mess, faces a mess....eating peanuts OFF THE DRIVEWAY. Whoops.

I think they may have been discussing bugs at this point? I remember them having this conversation:
Aube: "Bella, there's an ant on your leg". Bella: "Oh! Hi, ant!!" {Mommy smacks the ant dead} Bella: "Mommy!!! I liked that ant!"
Cuh-RA-Zeeeeee. Mom lets us eat dirt! Yay!
Maybe seeing them eat off the dirt didn't phase me because I was too fascinated by shadows.
The heat is like a ba-zillion degrees these days and the sun is so flippin''s affecting me.
But you can find some pretty cool shadows if you take the time to look Ü.


Lois Brown said...

Good for you!!!! Number 3 is hard, I know people use to tell me that and I didn't believe them until I had my 3rd and then I too thought it was just amazing that we got places, who cares how or what we looked like...just there! ha! But they say 4 and 5 are easy again until there you go once you get use to 3 you might as well have 4 and 5!

Jennifer said...

I can't even imagine 3 right now! 2 is hard enough! :) And Cayden is usually a ragmuffin and dresses himself! Oh boy! :) Love ya!

佳燕 said...


Jenny said...

Um, can I just tell you how much I'm lovin' your posts lately? But I don't think your girlies look like ragamuffins at all! Dude, you should see the ragged little orphan boys in my house.