Friday, June 4, 2010


So, we watch this show....Billy the Exterminator on A&E (new episodes on Weds @ 9pmCST). Billy is basically like the Dog the Bounty Hunter of the animal pest world...not human pests, like Dog. The show takes place in Louisiana....where it seems you can find EVERY kind of nasty critter out there. And they are HUGE. me the heebie geebies just thinking of it.'s a pretty entertaining show, Billy flies his freak flag pretty high. Looks kinda normal there, in his cowboy hat....
But don't be decieved...he ranks right up there with the Dog the Bounty Hunter do. Who ever cuts his hair needs to be smacked. It's not even a regular mullet...he's got a party in the front AND the back, which should really be illegal.
So...the show is kinda of like Discovery Channel's Verminators....which is a gross show too, dealt mostly with inside bugs....Billy deals with the outside variety...wrestling gators and the like.
The show gives me the creeps...all the critters and vermin out there...especially this weeks show about a house covered in spiders (ick! we have a lot of spiders, but not like THAT) and the girl who lived in a roach-infested trailer with her 3 SMALL CHILDREN, good grief! And I'm actually contemplating removing the show from the DVR line-up completely, keeps giving me bug nightmares. But it's that show....when you have like 30-45 minutes before you actually want to go to bed, so instead of actually going to bed like a smart person, you watch just one more show....Billy or the Duggars are our one more show...

But where was Billy when I needed him yesterday, when this big fella shows up on our pool deck. It was a bit overcast after lunch, so I was going to let the girls swim one more time before naps. And there he was....just hanging out. I called James in panic, the words rattlesnakepythonwatermoccasin running thru my mind. Then as we were figuring out what to do, trying to figure out if a neighbor was home to help me kill slinks off the deck INTO THE POOL and flippin' SWIMS around like he owns it! Seriously! Like I will ever let my girls into the pool again?! (I did, tho, today...but not before a thorough check of all bushes and then standing guard with a shovel.) And another question, how the heck did it get out of the pool? *This* might explain it.
Take a closer look:
So, then...when I see this stray mama cat and her 5 stray babies, I can't help but worry a little that the big bad black snake might get himself a tasty little meal. Run, kitty, run!
You have to look close, but you can see two of the babies climbing on the wall behind mama (she and I were having a stare down, she didn't leave that stance until I had gone back inside the house).
We have ourselves a regular wildlife refuge back there....James thinks we should start charging admission ;).


Jenny said...

ACCKCKKKKK!!!! That snake was HUGE! I would have run screaming like a 5 year old girl!

Krista said...

First of all, I would have totally freaked out seeing a SNAKE in my backyard!!! Icky!! You might need to hire an exterminator like Billy just to come check out your whole backyard!! I totally watch that show too!! It's pretty crazy. He doesn't seem to be scared of anything at all!! And the hair!! Oh, the hair. I saw him on Dr. Oz a few weeks ago and it looked worse than on his own show!! He sure thinks he looks cool though:) LOL! I laughed at the lady that ran back into her house when Billy found the snake in her yard and he wasn't even there for a snake!! Stay safe and keep your shovel close!!

Julie {Coco1981} said...

Eek! I remember often seeing snakes near my grandmothers pool (she lived in DWG). Of course she also lived near a creek and had turtles trying to come live in her pool, too.
The Momma cat and her kittens are so cute!! I really hope she keeps them safe!