Saturday, July 31, 2010

I guess it's about time I post about this...

We took a little trip down to Houston to see our friends, the Grundy's, this past's about a 4 1/2 hour drive, I was planning on 5 to 5 1/2 to get us down there, but the kids did so good, we made really good time! Jaxson cried for a good part of the trip...but well, he's a baby, they do that. But he slept SO good for the 2 nights we were at Jenny's, I forgave him Ü.

Plus...Aube is a fast driver.
The halfway point was this place called Buc-ee's...and they have THE BEST Kettle Corn ever. Yum. I seriously ate 2 on the way, one on the way back. (And I wonder why I feel fatter...)
There is nothing like a little road trip to cleanse the soul! And the drive down there is just beautiful...I hope one of these days, the family and I will get around to seeing the rest of Texas!
Jenny is a superb host (I highly recommend to you that know her, to make a trip down to see her...Ü) and her home is just beautiful! I've got quite the green envy!
Since I was there only one full day, we took that opportunity to make a trip to the Houston Children's Museum, which is a VERY cool place. I am in love with Children's museums....ever since we went to the one in Minnesota, and then a few times with friends here at the Ft Worth one....they are so cool and it's so fun to watch the kids play and use their imagination.
Even tho the museum was quite busy, the kids had a blast with only a few breakdowns. I found out Bella has no clue how to slide down one of those fireman was quite dramatic trying to get her out of this maze, down a pole!
Bella and Stevie having some sort of conversation....can't help but think this picture is hilarious.
Jake and Jax had a good 'ole time hanging out together...
....till Jax started pulling on Jake's ear. Lil stinker.
Holy canoli, the trampoline! The girls would have stayed outsite the entire trip if I would have let them and if the mosquitos hadn't been eating them alive! This whole week, I keep hearing "Mommy, can we get a jumper". Umm...that's an "ask your dad" kind of question.
At night, my kiddos and I would hunker down all together...on the softest bed I've slept on in a long time (it's funny how the bed is even softer when Jax sleeps all night)! I learned first hand that Aube is a kicker...when I woke up with a foot in my face. She was cracking me up during prayer took a lot of convincing to get her to put her little phone down and fold her arms. She kept saying "I have to talk on the phone, Mommy, just like Aunt Lisa". Hilarious.
Next up...the beach!!! Get your scrolling finger ready, I took 196 pictures. I wish I could post them all!!


Shannon said...

Looks so so fun! And can I just comment on how teensy tiny Jenny looks? She's so gorgeous! Love the big kids having a little conversation there, they look very into it!

Bell Family Blog said...

What a fun trip! We took the girls to the Houston Children's Museum too, it was our first Children's Museum and it was so cool! Im glad you guys had so much fun, but Im glad you're back, we miss you when you're gone :)

Jenny said...

Come back!!! I miss you already!! Thank you so much for driving all the way down here and showering me with gifts and hanging out with me.

And Shannon---are you on crack? It definitely must be the angle. :)

Jenni said...

That's it. When Bonnie gets her van I am supervising the trip down there.