Monday, August 2, 2010

The Beach!

I'm feeling that a blog post about the Beach really doesn't need any words, now does it?
Ok, well, I'll just give you a few, then...cause you know I'm not one to hush-hush.
On the last day we were in Houston with Jenny, we braved the semi-inclement weather and headed to the beach. I was wondering how it might go...I knew Bella would love it, but thought Aube would be whining and wanting to leave the whole time.
Boy oh Boy! Was I wrong....little Miss BeachBabe.
It was a perfectly overcast day....being the end of July, if it had been sunny, we would have been sweltering! And as I think back on the 5 times I've ever been to a beach...only once have I ever been there when it's sunny (and that was Hawaii...where sun and sand just go hand in hand).

These houses off in the distance were just gorgeous. Beautiful 'beachy' colors....blues, pinks and yellows.

Aube about gave me a coronary, tho...brave little Miss BeachBabe. I didn't even get in up to my knees...but she was out there in the thick of it.
Jax was a fan, too....of course, we were outside and he's always happy in the great outdoors. His only complaint was that his cute little borrowed hat (thanks Jake) kept getting blown off in the wind.
Houses on stilts make me smile. Wouldn't this be a cool place to spend the summer?
We can only dream...
We were only at the beach for the morning, but if we hadn't had to leave that afternoon, we could have stayed longer! So much fun...seashells, sand, a wide expanse of ocean and a great friend to chat with....couldn't ask for a better time!


Lois Brown said...

Oh my gosh! looks like you had so much fun!