Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini Bolts!

So I have this uber-addiction to fabric lately...it may not look like much, compared to some...but for me, it's huge! I am at Joann's on probably a weekly basis, buying a third of a yard here, a half of a yard there...I guess I'm not brave enough to buy WHOLE yard, unless I'm really in love with the fabric!

But with buying all this fabric, I have been experimenting with ways to store it. First, I had it all shoved in a drawer...which worked when I only had a few scraps...then I 'up-graded' to this top shelf...but I felt I really couldn't SEE what I had, ya know?
Then, I came across a lady who made her own little bolts of fabric, and I thought the idea was just genius! There are company's out there that sell this kind of thing....pieces of plastic or cardboard already cut out. But since I'm cheap...I decided to make my own ;). The post I originally saw this on, she used a foam board...which you can cut into several 10x6in pieces. But...that was still too much $$ for my taste...so I went the "free" route. Lol. Thank you, USPS!

That's right, I headed over to my neighborhood post office and picked up about 10 flat rate boxes and cut them down. They are folded in a way where you can cut on the spines, then just cut off an inch of the length (or however much you need to fit it into your shelf). I also cut two notches in the top and bottom...a place for the rubberband to fit into. But then I ran out of rubberbands...haha...so I just stuck a pin in the fabric and then into the cardboard to keep it in place.
Much better! I can see what I have, front and center! Looks like my supply is getting low ;) may have to make a trip to the fabric store soon!


Shannon said...

GENIUS! Now do you want to come over and do mine? and I ADORE that colorful pear fabric! Is that Joanns???

Why don't we go to Joanns together? I love me some Joanns! Ha! And fabric is just sooo pretty! I wish I knew more of what I could do with it to have it in my home. I really do want to make a hoop wall!

Camille said...

It's beautiful, I bet you stare at it all day huh? lol

Mine are just rolled up, this is for sure cuter!!

Jenni said...

You are sooo smart. That is why we love you.

Bell Family Blog said...

Love it! It looks so pretty :) I love your craft room, I am so jealous! I hope I have one like your some day.

Jenny said...

Have you officially started your Etsy shop yet? Or it that still in the works?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Not yet :(. I'm going to do it, tho! Soon!

Julie said...

Love it! I love fabric too, I could spend hours in the fabric store just looking at all of the cute prints. Ü