Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jax @ 4 months

The little dude had his 4 month check up this morning, here are his stats:
He's weighing in at 15lbs 1oz
25 in tall
Both within the 70th percentile.
No shots this week...have to go in next week because of an ingrown toenail. Poor little guy had to get it squooshed out by the dr (always brings back painful memories of Grandpa Sargent digging out my ingrown toenails with a pocket knife). He's on antibiotics, so hopefully it will go away quick.
Other goings-on at 4 months:
*He's decided that sleeping thru the night isn't for him. He was sleeping 6-8 hours straight every night from only 1 month old...but since his 3 1/2 month mark will wake up every 2-3 hours. Nice.
*Quite the happy baby....if he's fussing a little, all you have to do is still your mug in his mug and he'll give you a fantastic toothless smile. He loves all the attention the girls slather on him.
*He's my little rollerbaby...I think that's what wakes him up sometimes at night...rolling from back to front, or front to back. Keep that baby off the furniture, people!!
*Looks like he may have something called: Laryngomalacia. Or a malformation of the larynx. Something the dr isn't worried about unless it hasn't resolved itself by maybe 8-9 months of age, which then we'll go see an ENT. Those of you who've been around Jax know he is a NOISY baby...we are constantly getting unsolicited advice at church (where he seems to be the loudest...esp when it's quiet). Well, this is why!
*He's a slobbery out! :)


Krista said...

Ahhh...poor little guy! I hope his toe and larynx are fixed soon! I can't believe he is rolling over and both ways too! Way to go Jax! Sorry about the sleepless nights though! That stinks.

Lois Brown said...

Ohhh, he is adorable! Sorry about the sleeples nights! You'll be able to sleep when all your kids are grown! lol! Hope all goes well with his larynx! Just smile at all the advice and then don't sweat it! Love ya!

Jenni said...

So darn cute. Don't you just love that other people always know better than you how to be married to your husband, raise your children, clean your house, etc?

MommaLove said...

What a GORGEOUS baby!!! Thank you for keeping me updated on those beauti-mous children of yours. It helps me feel closer to them. He really is so cute!! So, I had to dig out both of Topher's big toe nails when he was a baby, they were green. (EEEEWW!!) But they healed really quickly. He didn't get another until last year.... pretty good. Love you!!

Cheree said...

Wow! He is growing up so fast!!!
What a looker! :)

Jenny said...

Such a dolly. So glad that you got a diagnosis, and even better that he'll probably grow into it! He's such a sweetheart, Sarah! I could just eat him up! Sorry that you're not getting any sleep. That is seriously the pits.