Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I can't believe this little dude is already old enough to start having cereal...for some reason, I don't remember it happening this early with Bella/Aube...but maybe?? I dunno. Its been what? 3 1/2 years since Aube was 4 months old. Geez louise.

Jax has this thing where he spits up...constantly. Until I figured out he spit up when I gave him more than 4 oz of formula. So, I started only giving him 4 oz again and it didnt happen AS much, he just eats every 2-3 hours still...then I switched to a formula with rice starch and he barely ever spits up. So, I'm hoping rice cereal will help with that a bit. Cause I'm tired of smelling like spit up! yuck! (oh and him was constantly having to mask the smell with baby cologne...aka Baby Magic)

He thinks he's so chill...
 He didn't get all grossed out like Bella did with her first cereal feeding (she was a nurser, I'm thinking that the formula probably put her off...Jax is used to formula-nastiness). 

Then Bella helped and tried to get him to swallow the whole spoon....silly Bella! She says to him: "You have to let me feed you, I'm going to school and I'll never see you again." (*sniffle*)
She also told him he could only have cereal for breakfast....and then his bottle for lunch and dinner. Duh, Jax!
Yay Jaxson!! Next up...spinach! Yum! haha. Poor food stinks! Give that kid a steak!

(and kudos to blogger for updating their add-photos program...its making it easier to upload pictures and move them around!)


Krista said...

Ahhh!! I didn't give my girls food until they were six months old but I think little man is going to get it sooner:) I need someone else to be able to feed him!!!

Cheree said...

4 months already?!?!
Your pictures look great btw! :)

Jennifer said...

How adorable is he? Hehe.. :) I want to give food to Creighton now.. I hate just bottle feeding! So boring ;) haha.. But he looks so cute in the chilling picture!