Friday, September 24, 2010


Wednesday friend Shannon and I took our little girls to see the So You Think You Can Dance live performance. It was such a blast!! We think the girls had was kinda late when it was over, so we got the 'sleepy-head' responses, they didn't jump up and down like expected Ü.
{shirts made expertly by The Moms}
It was a fun night...our seats were kinda high up...but at intermission, we moved ourselves down a few sections, lol. The last two numbers were the best! Lauren and Kent's prom dance...topped off with The Kiss, originally danced by Kent and Anya...but SO CUTE when danced by the top two from this season. I love this show so much!!
I'm so grateful we had friends who wanted to go and share this with us! Shannon and Natalie were our first friends here in Texas...they knew us before Aube was even born! So fun. I can't believe how these girlies have grown!


Jenny said...

SO FUN! And such gorgeous girlies! I'm lovin' those shirts, chicas! And soooooooooooo jealous!

Did I use enough exclamation points?!!! Because I can type some more!!!!

Jenni said...

How fun. I love that you are creating such great memories with your kiddos and for yourself.

Julie {CocoCocoa} said...

The girls shirts were super cute. I hate that I was late and we didn't get to hang out at all!