Monday, September 27, 2010

i ♥ thrift stores

It's seriously my guilty-pleasure....
tho I don't feel too guilty because I came home with:
24 Jax shirts
11 Jax pants
1 pair of overalls {hot-diggity, he looks cute in them}
2 hats
3 Halloween shirts for the girls
3 Mommy skirts
3 kids skirts
1 Bella pants
1 bonnet {yes, a bonnet...couldn't pass it up for 69 cents, perfect for dress up!}
allllll for $60. Yup. Last week my fave thrift store: Thrift Town had a 1/2 price on clothes sale. I usually don't go on that day b/c it's usually a elbowing extravaganza. But Jax doesn't have ANY clothes bigger than what he's wearing I had to stock up, since the winds changed and its now FALL {faaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll, i love you}.
The poor boy didn't even have a pair of pants to wear! Welp, now he's all set.
I know, I know...thrift stores, yuck. Well, don't turn up your nose...if you've never been to a Thrift Town and there is one in your betta go. It's not spic and span, I still feel the need to use hand sanitizer afterwards...but the clothes are all color-coordinated, and in great shape! It's a little more expensive {thus the reason I got so much on 1/2 price day} than a normal thrift store...but Im ok with that. I'll pay $2 for a Childrens Place onesie. Yup.
I couldn't pass this baby up...seriously, I almost cried with joy when I found it.
He's gonna wear this 3 times a week when if finally fits him!
So! Go support your local thrift store...donate and BUY!!!


Lois Brown said...

nice. Thrift stores are awesome! Love the "so you think you can dance" post too! how fun!

Jenni said...

I've gotten some good furniture finds a thrift stores to repurpose.

Jennifer said...

See.. DI has pretty much taken over the thrift stores here in UT.. I'd love to send you money to buy me cute clothes there for Creighton because even though I have had a boy.. They were in different seasons and now different sizes at the same ages too.. So frustrating.. and also I have TONS of 24m and 2T's for some reason.. in summer and winter.. But nothing between 9 months and on.. so weird.. Anyway.. didn't mean to write so much haha.. :) cute onesie by the way!!

Jennifer said...

I feel oh so silly.. there's a thrift town here in ut!!! I'll be hitting that up soon.. Woohoo!