Friday, October 1, 2010

Shiny shoes....

I've got a plethora of posts to post....
mainly Bella's "birthday post"...which is way late, urgh....but it's been one heckuva a week!
Blogger is being insane and everytime I hit "enter" it deletes a now I have to reupload, which wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm on a different computer now...geez louise.

Bella's birthday-day was a blast...she keeps asking me when her party is....or will randomly tell me who she is going to invite. I feel bad that I didn't plan one for her...I don't think I'll ever get lazy like that again. It's totally worth the hassle and stress to make her happy! She did have a good night, tho...we went to the Rainforest Cafe {or the 'jungle' as the girls call it} where we had a great meal and a big ole piece of cake!

We did, however, win a nights stay at Great Wolf Lodge thru this raffle at James' work. So I'm using that as a "remember, your bday party is at the hotel with the water park in it". We enter for this raffle every year...might as well try to win big, right? I couldn't believe it when he called and said "we won"....we never win! Well...we win things here and there {ahem, Cowboy game tickets} but never the big the Texas Lottery ;).

Part of the fun part of birthday is you can lump everything in with 'gift' buying...its easy to excuse extra purchases here and there ;).
so...we'll just say that these fancy schmancy new shoes are from Grandma Fiehler!
Thank you Grandma Fiehler!!
See...its all the rage to have sparkly, light up shoes...but I swore to myself early on, that my kids would never wear character OR light up shoes...and truthfully, I can't afford to pay $30 on a pair of those cool Sketchers. But these $9 Old Navy shoes...heck yeah! I want a pair! Ü


Julie said...

We have the great wolf lodge up in Wisconsin. It's SO.MUCH.FUN. There are like 6 indoor water parks up there and it's our new tradition to go every year (in the winter since they are so long and cold). HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Love the shoes too. Funny about the light up/character shoes--I'm not a fan either ;)

Glad she had a good birthday!